Odour Control

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WHY CHOOSE ONA GEL AIR FRESHENERS? Easy to use. Masks unwanted odours. Perfect for use in home or office. Cost effective odour solution Natural Blend of 32 essential oils Available in either 1 or 4 litres ONA air fresheners have...

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ONA Liquid

ONA Liquid is an odour neutraliser in liquid form, dispensed by natural evaporation or by spraying into the air. Containing a complex formula of natural essential oils which will eliminate and neutralise all unwanted odours. These ingredients result in a...

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ONA Block

WHY CHOOSE ONA BLOCK AIR FRESHENERS? Easy to use. Masks unwanted odours. Range of smells available. Perfect for use in home, car or office. Cost effective odour solution Blend of essential oils ONA air fresheners have gained a well-deserved reputation for...

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AirOzone Ozone Generators

AirOzone ozone generators effectively remove odours from your grow room environment. Eliminating all odours from the air in your ventilation system before it leaves your ducting. When used in line with a carbon filter this adds another layer of security...

From £449.00
The Neutralizer

WHY CHOOSE THE NEUTRALIZER ODOUR ELIMINATOR? Directly targets unwanted plant smells. Covers up to 375 metres cubed Compact size Easy to use – plug and play Neutralises within an hour of activating Long lasting – up to 6 weeks freshness...

From £95.00
ONA Misting Dome

Create a relaxing atmosphere filled with the pleasant fragrances of ONA, while removing any unwanted odours from the surrounding air. The ONA Misting Dome pumps a steady mist of ONA liquid into the air, which will remove any nasty odours,...


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