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Square Plastic Pots

Premium quality, square-shaped pots. Strong and durable. Also compatible with all of the Atami Wilma Dripper Systems as replacement pots.Dimensions0.7L- Top: 100mm x 100mm- Base: 75mm x 75mm- Height: 110mm1.5L- Top: 130mm x 130mm- Base: 100mm x 100mm- Height: 130mm3.5L-...

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Square Saucers

Ideal place to stand the plant pots to catch any run off, or to bottom feed. These plastic saucers are great value and long lasting and are designed to fit each size square pot that we sell.17cm - Fits 6.5L...

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Fabric Air Pruning Pots

Fabric pots offers value and versatility to all gardening enthusiasts. Made from porous breathable fabric, fabric pots allow your plants to thrive, promote exceptional root health and vigorous plant growth. The planters have reinforced seams and strength-tested fabric, so they will...

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Round Saucers

Hard wearing, plastic round saucers to suit our circular plastic pots and fabric pots.30cm - Fits 3 and 4 Gallon Fabric Pots40cm - Fits 5, 6 and 7 Gallon Fabric Pots50cm - Fits 10 Gallon Fabric Pot and 32L and...

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Net Pots

Lightweight and durable. Please choose your required size.

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IWS Oxypot

The new and improved IWS Oxypot will amaze you with it's simplicity and speed of plant growth. Now manufactured from crack- resistant plastic and incorporating a larger 19 litre tank with a 140mm heavy duty net pot, this easy to use...

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Air Line

4mm diameter flexible tube, for use with all of our Air Pumps and Air Stones.

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Round Ceramic Air Stones

Our biggest air stones. These flat disc shaped air stones have a much larger surface area than the Golf Ball Air Stones, giving you more bubbles and therefore more oxygen into your nutrient solution. Simply attach to an air pump...

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Flexible Trays

Flexible trays can be used for sitting your pots on to catch run off and general spills. As the name suggests they are bendy, so can be transported into spaces previously unavailable for solid trays, such as through loft hatches and tight doorways....

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Garland Square Tray (60 x 60 x 7cm)

Tough and durable plastic trays with a multitude of uses. Perfect for placing pots in to catch excess run off and spills.

Hailea 96 Series Adjustable Air Pumps

Air pumps are a great way to provide a constant flow of oxygen into your nutrient reservoir, which is a key thing for healthy roots and increased yields. It is particularly important in hydroponic systems. The pump is placed outside the tank and...

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Origin Dripper Systems (formally Wilma)

Based on the popular 'Dutch Pot' method, the Origin is an active hydroponics system that waters your plants using drip irrigation. This offers the precision and control of hydroponic feeding to give far greater results than just hand watering, but...

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