Carbon Filters

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CarboAir 50 Carbon Filters

Carbon filters need to make sure that they get the job done! If there is one product you do not want to fail, it is your filter! CarboAir have a range of filters that could not be more effective in...

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Rhino Hobby Carbon Filters

Rhino Hobby carbon filters are the perfect entry level carbon filter, offering arguably the highest quality carbon, and engineering for a fantastic price. You do not want to sacrifice the performance of your carbon filter, it really is your lifeline...

From £29.95
CarboAir 60 Carbon Filters

CarboAir have a range of filters that could not be more effective in clearing volatile organic compounds (smells) that your plants produce. Building on years of experience producing and manufacturing high quality carbon filters and extract solutions, CarboAir carbon filters...

From £148.95
CarboAir Inline Carbon Filters

CarboAir Inline filters are designed so you can mount your filter outside your grow room. You can simply duct the air out of your grow room and into your inline filter to scrub the odours. If space is tight it is...

From £230.95
Carbon Filter Stand

A very useful bit of kit for those having trouble mounting or hanging a carbon filter from the ceiling or roof of a tent. Holds carbon filters of all sizes as both the width and the height of the stand...


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