CarboAir 60 Carbon Filters


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CarboAir 60 Carbon Filters

150x660mm (1350m3/h)


CarboAir have a range of filters that could not be more effective in clearing volatile organic compounds (smells) that your plants produce. Building on years of experience producing and manufacturing high quality carbon filters and extract solutions, CarboAir carbon filters are literally the finest filters you can currently buy.

The CarboAir 60 have an extremely deep 60mm carbon bed. This increased depth ensures every possible smell is captured! The coarse carbon granules themselves inside the bed allow for a fantastic airflow rate, while not creating too much pressure on the fan. You won’t find a lower pressure drop on any other filter! The filter housing itself has been designed in conjunction with Systemair to ensure maximum efficiency, and to top it off, it is all hand built in Europe.

Whats Makes CarboAir 60 Filters Different?

Pre-filter: The CarboAir pre-filter is noticeably thicker than other brands. This is adequate to catch all unwanted dust particles and make sure you have a nice long life from the unit. It is completely machine washable and is rated to last just as long as the filter itself, 18 months.

Mesh Housing: The mesh housing has much smaller holes than you may be used to with other filters. Having a much smaller hole size for the mesh may be harder to manufacture, but offers two very good benefits. Firstly, it is 55% open (that is, empty space), compared to other filters that are typically around 52%. So straight away you get a much more efficient air flow overall. Secondly, as it is so fine, there is no need for a fabric mesh material, commonly used as a sock inside the filter to stop the carbon falling through. This means nothing is unnecessarily restricting airflow, again contributing to a highly efficient through-flow of air.

The type of carbon: CarboAir are quite secretive about where they have sourced their carbon from, to prevent the onslaught of copycat manufactures jumping on their bandwagon. CarboAir use granular based, activated virgin carbon in their filters, rather than heavier and less effective pelletised carbon. Compared to the RC 4/12 granular carbon used in Rhino filters, the granules in CarboAir are slightly larger and much coarser, allowing for a much better air flow throughout the filter, while not compromising on removal of VOC’s.

Sealed Flange: In CarboAir filters, there is a unique feature around the flange that ensures the carbon bed is always stable and, more importantly, that no air passes through the filter without hitting the carbon. A ring of spongy synthetic material is compressed against the flange and the carbon bed, creating an air tight seal and ensuring that no stinky air will ever make its way outside your grow room.

Bed depth: A huge bed of 60 mm is used for these CarboAir filters – 10-15mm larger than the industry standard. This allows for a much greater contact time with the carbon and so removes smells much more efficiently. As the carbon itself is larger and coarser, having a deeper bed does not impact the airflow in the same way it would with smaller particles of carbon.

How To Use Your CarboAir 60 Carbon Filter

It is always a good idea to make sure that you are using the appropriate size fan for your filter, otherwise you may not be moving enough air to deal with the heat from your grow lights. CarboAir are the only filters to be quality approved and recommended for use with Systemair fans. Give us a shout in store for advice on which one would be best suitable for you.

The reason you need to match your filter appropriately is because of the pressure it puts on the extraction fan – decreasing its output. Anything you put on a fan will cause it to drop its airflow. It’s a bit like putting your hand over your mouth when you try to breath out. The same goes for bends and kinks in your duct run as well, each one can reduce airflow by 10% in some cases! You want your fan, filter and ducting to be as straight as possible so you get the best air flow rates possible.

Try to place your filter in your grow room where it will draw a naturally even amount of air from every area of the room. For example, in a square room, you want the filter in the centre of the room. The idea is to evenly draw all the hot and stale air from every pocket of the grow room and get rid of it, so try to avoid putting it in places that may restrict this.

Tips On Using

Avoid placing your filter directly above humidifiers, or anywhere that has a consistently high relative humidity.

Identify air leaks by lighting a splint and running it along your extract line. If there are any gaps then you will see the smoke get sucked into the duct run, indicating you need to give more attention in this area to achieve an air-tight seal.

Wash your pre-filter between every cycle to keep it performing at optimum rates.


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  • Hello Do you have a data sheet for these, I want the overall size, pressure drop and dwell time please

    Hi there,

    You will need to contact Global Air Supplies, the manufacturers for this information.

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