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Rhino Hobby carbon filters are the perfect entry level carbon filter, offering arguably the highest quality carbon, and engineering for a fantastic price. You do not want to sacrifice the performance of your carbon filter, it really is your lifeline and as such deserves some careful thought.

Alternatively, you may be thinking of using an additional carbon filter as a re-circulating air scrubber in the grow room. This ensures the air inside the grow room is as clean as possible, removing all VOC’s and pathogens before they even get a chance to build up. This also has a knock-on benefit to your main filter in the extraction run.

How The Activated Carbon Inside Filters Works

The activated carbon contains huge amounts of micro-pores. These tiny little cracks and crevices inside each bit of carbon create a huge surface area of all different shapes and sizes. The combination of the vast surface area and the different sized/shaped pores means that a wide array of things can get stuck in there. That’s exactly what happens to the smell as it passes through the filter. It is adsorbed onto the surface of the carbon where it remains trapped.

How To Use Rhino Hobby Carbon Filters

When using a Rhino Hobby Carbon filter, always make sure you have the white fabric pre-filter correctly placed around it before you connect it up to your extraction system. Larger particles that could potentially block the carbon pores will be caught by this pre-filter, so always make sure you fit it correctly. It sounds a bit like a minor point but it will increase the filters overall performance and improve its longevity.

The bed in a Rhino hobby carbon filter is filled with RC412 carbon, mined and activated in Australia, arguably the finest you can have in grow room filters. The efficiency of this carbon means that Rhino have been able to create a filter with a 30mm depth bed. So, while being smaller and more lightweight than most carbon filters they still retain excellent odour removing properties, being more than adequate for most hobby growers.

The Rhino Hobby carbon filter also features a fully reversible neck. This means you can potentially extend the life of the filter by switching its position to the opposite end after each grow. This ensures that the entire bed of activated carbon is made use of and that you get the most out of your investment.

What Size Fan To Use With A Carbon Filter?

It is very important to make sure you have the correct size grow room fan for your size carbon filter. If you have too small a carbon filter then your fan will not be able to blow as much air, and your grow room temperatures will quickly begin to rise.

Every carbon filter company should provide you with a pressure curve that tells you how much pressure it will put on varying airflow rates from fans. Using this curve with the ratings provided by the fan manufacturer will allow you to calculate whether a particular fan and filter combination will be suitable. We have recommended fan sizes for each of the filters we stock, so feel free to call us for some advice. Alternatively, you can browse the range of carbon filter kits we have put together for you.

Where To Place Your Carbon Filter

We recommend placing your Rhino carbon filter in a position that gives you nice and even air flow throughout your entire grow room. Typically, it is placed at the highest point in a hydroponic grow room to remove as much of the hotter air as possible. You then need to consider it overall position compared to the intake system you have. EG, if you have an intake fan at on side of a grow room, consider putting the filter at the opposite end of the room.

Ideally the filter will be in the middle of the room, with an intake system the releases air around the entire outside of the room. This will give you the most uniform conditions throughout your hydroponic grow room, but takes a bit more effort to install. The easiest way is to create a ring of ducting off of your intake fan with a T piece. Have the ring of ducting go around the perimeter of your room and pierce holes at regular intervals to achieve a uniform airflow. This also avoids the problem of having a cold intake fan blowing directly on to a plant, negatively effecting its growth.

Tips On Using Rhino Hobby Filters

Switch the adjustable neck around after each grow to maximise the length of time your filter lasts! This ensures the entire length and depth of the carbon bed is made use of.

Make sure the ducting is secured to the fan and filter with as great an air tight seal as possible, otherwise un-filtered air may by-pass your filter and find its way to the outside world.

Try to avoid any bends, kinks or slackness in the duct run. These will all lower the amount of air being extracted through the system. Ideally have it as straight and as tight as possible to ensure minimal amounts of back-pressure placed on the fan, giving you the highest air movement possible.

Questions & Answers

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  • I just got Rhino Hobby Carbon Filter do they not come with a fabric pre-filter ?

    Hi there,

    All Rhino Hobby fans come with a prefilter.

    Kind Regards,

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