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Gold Label HydroCoco 60/40 Mix


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The number one coco/pebble mix! If you are looking for a top quality media for your hydroponic system or to simply upgrade your pots, you can be sure Gold Label will delivery consistently high results.

Gold Label HydroCoco contains a blend of 60% clay pebbles with 40% premium quality Dutch coco. This combines the best of both worlds; the superb drainage and aeration you get from using clay pebbles with the control and simplicity of coco. The increased drainage will mean you can water more frequently with far less chance of overwatering. The absorbency of the coco coupled with its superb aeration makes for a really great potting medium for your plants.

Gold Label 60/40 Mix is great for use in flood and drain hydroponics systems as an alternative to just clay pebbles. Irrigation times can be significantly reduced as the coco can absorb much more of the nutrient solution than pebbles alone. As well as this HydroCoco is an ideal choice for other pot-based systems such as AutoPot, Wilma or just simple hand watering techniques where it can be used straight out the bag with no additional inputs needed.

As with all top quality coco products, Gold Label carries the recognised RHP stamp, meaning the coco has been washed and buffered correctly and to the point of it having an EC of less than 0.6. Due to the make-up of coco it is particularly important to use a ‘coco-specific’ nutrient when growing with it. As Gold Label 60/40 only has 40% coco this is not always such a necessity. As a rule of thumb we would recommend to use a coco-specific food when you do not get much run off from your watering. If using 60/40 in a recirculating style setup then a hydroponic-specific food can sometimes work better and give more pH stability. Always closely monitor your plants and the levels in the nutrient solution to help determine the best choice.


Never compact the coir too much when you are potting up your plants. Try to shake and tap the pots to make sure the coir settles out and levels properly. Compacting the media will reduce the overall availability of oxygen and result in less than optimal growth.

When potting up apply a healthy dose of mycorrhizal fungi for improved root development. We highly recommend Ecothrive Biosys. As an extra booster Ecothrive Charge works fantastically with coco and can be mixed into the growing medium before planting out for even better growth

Weigh your pots between irrigations to ensure you are watering adequately. Overwatering your plants can be more damaging than underwatering. As a rule of thumb we recommend around 10-15% run off each time and to re-water your plants once the pots have dropped around half the weight of when they was previously watered.

To measure the EC of your coco, it is ideal to perform a 1:1.5 extraction rather than just checking the run-off. While the run-off is a good indicator, sometimes you can get misleading results.

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