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Ecothrive Biosys


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Create a microbe tea in a few minutes without any brewing needed. Ecothrive Biosys brings all the benefits without the fuss, the concentrated powder mixes almost instantly with waterExpect improved plant health and nutrient uptake, Biosys is also a great product to help with stress situations.

How It Works

Biosys contains a wide range of beneficial microorganisms that work together to activate your soil and boost growth and plant health, these include:

- Eight species of Endo mycorrhizal fungi

- Two species of Nitrogen fixing bacteria

- Two species of Trichoderma

- Eight species of Bacillus

- Two species of Pseudomonas

Each microbe has it's own particular use for the plant such as breaking down organic matter into food, prevention of diseases such as Pythium or generally improving nutrient uptake. Unlike some other products on the market Biosys also contains biological catalysts to facilitate not only the activation but also the continued growth of the beneficial bacteria within the root zone. These catalysts include humic acids, amino acids, enzymes, proteins, carbohydrates and seaweed extract. The work in harmony to sustain the microbes and build large colonies fast to continued results.

More On Microbes

There are 8 species of Endo Mycorrhizae in Biosys which help improve the plants access to available water in the growing media and improve the uptake of certain nutrients, most importantly phosphorus. Mycorrhizal fungi achieve this through a clever relationship; soon after germinating near a root, the mycorrhizal fungi invade the root tissue and establish exchange sites within the root cells known as arbuscules. These enlarged internal arbuscules allow the plant and fungi to interact, enabling the plant to feed the fungi sugars (manufacture in the leaves and translocated to the roots), and in return the fungi gathers water and nutrients through its fungal network that it spreads throughout the growing media, and transports them directly to the plant.

One aspect of the mycorrhizal relationship that is often overlooked, is the role of bacterial organisms that are now referred to as ‘mycorrhizae helper bacteria’. In Biosys we include some bacillus species and a nitrogen fixing bacteria called Azospirillum that are known to help the establishment and ongoing function of mycorrhizae.

The 8 species of Bacillus in Biosys are included not just for their properties in assisting mycorrhizae, but also for inhibiting the growth of potential pathogens, promoting root growth, solubilisation of locked up minerals and organic matter degradation for conversion to nutrition.

Biosys also contains another species of nitrogen fixing bacteria called Azotobacter, as well as Azospirillum. Both these micro-organisms live close to the root surface and take nitrogen from the air and turn it into a form the plants can use. These allow growers the opportunity to reduce their Nitrogen inputs into their growing systems.

There are also 2 species of Pseudomonas that help with degradation of complex organic matter and help with pathogen control. Some of the Bacillus, Pseudomonas and Nitrogen fixers are also classed as plant growth promoting rhizobacteria, now commonly abbreviated to PGPR’s. These clever organisms have evolved to produce hormone substances such as cytokinins and auxins that the plant can use to promote certain growth functions such as root development.

Finally, there are also 2 species of Trichoderma within this potent blend. These Trichoderma are beneficial fungi that are specially adapted to degrade other fungi, especially pathogens. Trichoderma are free living organisms that are great to have around the root zone for disease prevention as well as degrading organic matter. 

How To Use Ecothrive Biosys

Biosys has a wide range of uses but is particularly important during the initial cutting/seedling stage when root growth and health is primary for getting your plants strong and ready to support the biggest of yields! However we also recommend further applications every few weeks during the entire growth cycle to get the very best results from your plants. It can be used on both indoor and outdoor plants.

To use Biosys, first prepare a concentrated solution to ensure the powder is dissolved, this is done by adding your required amount of Biosys to a smaller volume of tepid water (for example 10g per 500ml) and stirring. Once fully dissolved the concentrate can then be added to a larger volume of water and applied to your plants. See doses below.

It is important to note that microbes can be killed off by the chlorine in tap water, therefore it is important to ensure this is removed from any tap water you use with Biosys. The quickest way to do this is by adding Ecothrive Neutralise to instantly remove it before adding Biosys. You can also leave your water to stand for 24 hours if you prefer this method.

Propagation and Potting-On: Add 10g per 10L of water. Pre-soak your propagation media/plugs in the solution for 15mins before planting out.

Established Plants (Soil/Coco): Add 5g per 10L of water. Water until run-off occurs and repeat every 1-2 weeks. We suggest using just water or a half strength nutrient solution when applying Biosys.

Recirculating Hydroponic Systems: Add 2.5g per 10L of water. Repeat every 1-2 weeks with your reservoir changes. Avoid mixing with EC higher than 1.5. Please note the nutrient solution must be actively aerated for Biosys to work in this application.

Stress Recovery: Add 10g per 10L of water. Use with ONLY water. Apply twice with a 5 day interval.

Ecothrive Biosys is available in 10g, 50g and 250g pouches and tubs.

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