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Ecothrive Charge is a completely natural growing media enhancer, comprised solely from the droppings (frass) of beetles! It is packed full of beneficial microorganisms and plant growth catalysts. Charge will stimulate growth and improve root zone conditions resulting is strong, fast growing plants that yield heavier! It's 100% organic and approved by the Soil Association.

How It Works

Charge is comprised of insect frass, a once waste product of the industry that the clever guys at Ecothrive have worked with to create this superb additive. The frass comes from beetle larvae that have been fed a diet of organic carrots and wheat bran. These foods provide the beetles with everything they need for a healthy lifecycle. This emphasis on a strict vegetarian diet ensures a consistent high quality end product that's packed with the nutrition and beneficials for use on your plants.

The frass naturally contains a substance called Chitin. When absorbed by your plants it triggers an immune response in them causing them to ramp up their defences and thus making them more resistant to disease and boosting growth rates. This effect can be seen clearly in side-buy-side trials of the product with plants using Charge being noticeably bigger and stronger than those without. 

Charge contains a well-balanced proportion of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, this helps to deliver a steady supply of extra nutrients to your plants. It's gentle enough to use alongside other products but also works great when making a soil mix for long-term nutrition. It's naturally jam-packed with microorganisms that contribute to improved root-zone health.

How To Use Ecothrive Charge

Charge can be used in a variety of ways on both indoor and outdoor plants. The most popular methods are to mix into your growing medium before potting up or to top dress already potted plants. 

Potting Mix Base

Mix thoroughly with your substrate before planting. 1L of Charge treats 100-200L of soil and 50-100L of coco coir.

Cuttings/Seedlings/Young Plants: Mix 5ml per litre of soil or 10ml per litre of coco.

Established Plants: Mix 10ml per litre of soil or 20ml per litre of coco.

For best results follow up with top dressing every 4 weeks.

Potted Plants

Already potted plants can be top-dressed with 2-4ml of Charge per litre of substrate. Immediately after applying water into the pot well and repeat every 4 weeks as needed.

You can also 'water-in' Charge to your pots by adding 10-20ml per litre of water. Stir thoroughly for 1 minute then water your pot well until run-off occurs. Repeat every 2-4 weeks as needed.

Outdoor Use

At planting or sowing time add 50-100g per m2. Prepare the area then lightly fork Charge into the top 10cm of soil. Follow up with a top-dressing 4-6 weeks later.

For established crops top dress 25-50g per m2, evenly sprinkle the measured amount around the base of the plant and water well. This can be repeated every 4 weeks during active growth.

Foliar Application

Add 1-2g per litre of water. Stir thoroughly for 1 minute, leave to stand for 15 minutes then repeat once more. Afterwards strain to remove any sediment the pour the mixture into a spray bottle and use within 24 hours.

Compost Tea Supplement

Add 1-2g per litre of compost tea brewing water alongside your other usual components and brew. 

As Charge contains beneficial microbes it is important to use it with de-chlorinated water when using the watering in, foliar or compost tea methods above. However for best results we recommend de-chlorinated water at all times. The easiest way to remove chlorine and other harmful substances from tap water is to add Ecothrive Neutralise first to instantly do so. You can also leave your water to stand for 24 hours and remove it this way too.

Ecothrive Charge is available in 1L, 5L and 10L tubs.


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