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Ecothrive & Indoor Organics have teamed up to bring you Eco-Life, a new supercharged potting soil for growers that want the very best for their plants. 100% organic living soil, crafted from natural ingredients in small batches to enable growers of all abilities to grow healthy and productive plants.

Eco-Life contains everything a plant needs from seed to harvest, fully loaded with the basic nutrition required for full term growth, with minimal additional inputs required. No deficiencies, no lockouts, no burn… Just perfect beautiful vigorous plants. All you need to do is keep it moist, and use enough soil for the size of plant, it couldn’t be easier. Plant something. Water it. Watch it grow

This latest version of Eco-Life is made indoors for full control of the potting soil preparation process. We now use pumice instead of perlite, and premium vermicompost to give growers an even higher quality organic soil. We want to minimise our plastic waste so Eco-Life is now packaged in a cardboard box with a thin LDPE plastic liner that is much easier to recycle.


Eco-Life is a real soil, made with compost and other natural inputs to replicate what happens in nature. It is based on a thriving microbial population to make nutrients available to the plants just when they need it. Healthy plants lead to happy growers, and you will be delighted with the results you can achieve with little more than a pot of soil, some water and basic amendments. No longer do you need to mix up several feeds for different plants, just develop a good watering technique to maintain the optimal soil conditions and you will be amazed at the quality that can be produced.

Eco-Life soil is different to traditional bagged soils and soilless substrates. You do not need to feed your plants with a liquid nutrient formula each time you water, the nutrition is already loaded into the soil, you just need to help the microbes make it available. The basics is just to use good quality water, applied in a sensible manner, and allow the plant to take control.

We have created a blend of naturally sourced inputs that replicates a humus rich fertile soil. All of the ingredients we use are multi-nutritional and offer growth stimulating benefits to maximise plant health, vigour and immunity and by mixing in a range of long, medium and short release ingredients, Eco-Life gives plants everything they need from seed until harvest.

We have done all the work in advance to charge the compost with our special blend of amendments, and mixed with premium grade peat and just the right amount of perlite, to give growers a high quality organic soil that can be used straight out of the bag.

At the end of the plants life it will begin to mature naturally, with no need to ‘flush’ in conventional terms. If no additional feeds were added during the grow then there is nothing to remove from the soil, the plant will just stop feeding when it is finished and slow down it’s processes until ready to harvest. There is no need to heavily flood the soil or using any flushing agents.


By blending a custom mix of coarse and fine Irish Sphagnum Peat Moss with just enough Perlite, we have developed the soil to have the perfect structure for good water retention whilst maintaining optimal aeration. It will hold water well to reduce run off but also minimise the chance of overwatering due to good aeration. This enhances optimal root development and aerobic conditions for good microbes. It all starts with the perfect soil structure!


Without bacteria and fungi your soil is dead, and we need this beneficial biology to bring it to life! The millions of microbes in your soil is what unlocks the nutrition from the raw materials and without them nothing can grow. We have developed our own supercharged compost to kick start the life we need for healthy soils. Compost is the key to healthy soil and we’ve got it covered!


The easiest way to add fast nutrition to a soil mix is with slaughterhouse waste products such as blood, bone, hoof, horn, or feather meals, but these sources come from intensively reared animals fed on animal feeds often supplemented with GMO grains. These animal by-products often contain growth hormones or antibiotics; contaminants we certainly don't want in our gardens. We have higher standards than this and prefer to only use clean sourced natural inputs. We will never use any slaughterhouse products in our mix!


Our soil is blended and bagged in the UK and all of our inputs come from sustainable sources so you can be sure every effort is taken to protect the planet in the making and mixing of Eco-Life. We are fully transparent with all sources and investigate all inputs back to origin before approving them for our production process. There probably isn’t a more sustainable way to grow without having to go to the lengths we have!


Eco-Life contains Irish Sphagnum Peat Moss, Coco Coir, Pumice, Vermicompost (Worm Castings), Mealworm Frass (Charge), Neem Cake, Seaweed meal, Crustacean meal, Volcanic Rockdust, Gypsum, Calcium and Magnesium Limestone & Humic and Fulvic Acids. Loaded with organic nutrition, these natural inputs supercharge the potting soil.

Here's some more info on these ingredients and why Ecothrive chooses to use them...


Our seaweed meal comes from the species Ascophyllum nodosum and contains a broad spectrum of minerals - over 60 trace elements that your plants need for a fully nutritional diet. Seaweed also contains valuable natural plant growth hormones including; cytokinins to help drive cell division and speed up growth, indoles for faster root development, auxins and gibberellins for assisting the mobility of essential nutrients. Probably the best overall organic soil amendment known to man!


Neem is ideal for soil fertility due to being a nutrient accumulator itself, with deep reaching roots, pulling up nutrition from down below the soil surface where other plants can’t reach. Neem is rich in N,P & K, as well as calcium and magnesium and also has a good effect against soil pests and pathogens.


Another multi-nutritional input, our crustacean meal is 100% Krill and offers N, P, K as well as good levels of calcium, magnesium and sulphur to really help bring out the flavour in the product. It is full of Essential Fatty Acids (Omega/EFA’s) which are beneficial microbial foods. Most importantly, Krill meal is the most sustainable crustacean input because the harvesting of Krill from the ocean gets virtually zero bycatch and is only taken from regenerative fishing zones.


This is the magic ingredient that makes everything else work - the engine room of the soil mix. It brings in the bacteria and fungi required to break down the other inputs and make nutrients available to the plants. We use worm castings from an indoor worm farm, where the worms are allowed to feed naturally on a diet of organic fruit and vegetable pulp and peelings, the is quality unbeatable. Also containing useful amounts of NPK as well as micronutrients, our worm castings really help bring the soil to life.


Volcanic Rock Dust or Basalt is also another source for diverse trace minerals and for it’s high silica content. Silica is essential for optimal plant health and vigour but is often lacking from soil mixes. Having a good Silica content in your soil will allow plants to grow big and strong, with thick stems and branches to support heavy yields.


We add worm castings to Eco-Life to bring a more source of beneficial soil microbes into our mix. We use castings from an outdoor worm farm, where the worms are allowed to feed naturally on a diet of animal manure and fruit pulp, the is quality unbeatable. Also containing useful amounts of NPK as well as micronutrients, our worm castings really help bring the soil to life.


Not only does gypsum bring additional calcium and sulphur for improved aroma and flavour development but it also conditions the soil by improving water penetration and reducing water logging.


Boosting nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus, as well as providing a good dose of beneficial microbes, the addition of mealworm castings naturally charges up our soil mix. As a secondary benefit, frass contains mealworm skins and body parts, these are a good source of chitin which activates the plant immune response and elevates its defences.


Humus is the final product of decomposition, and is rich in humic and fulvic acids. We used a natural mined deposit of ancient vegetation that has a high humic and fulvic acids content. These key fractions are great at chelating nutrients making them easy for plants to uptake, as well as stimulating microbial activity and improving plant health and root growth.


To get the full benefits of using Eco-Life, we recommend using approximately 180-250 litres per 1.2m2.

We highly recommend using approx 1 x 45L bag per pot, with 4 x 40L-45L pots per 1.2m2.

Other pot sizes will also work, as long as you get the soil volume to area on point. For example; 2 x 80L pots, 6 x 30L pots, 9 x 20L pots, or one big 200L bed would all be suitable.

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Ecothrive Eco-Life Soil

Ecothrive Eco-Life Soil