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The perfect mix of 70% premium coco coir with 30% perlite plus the added benefit of it being pre-blended with Ecothrive Charge makes Coco Lite our go-to choice for coir growers! This fantastic growing medium provides optimum aeration to your root zone will ensure plants get off to a flying start thanks to the biological boost from Charge.

Why Choose Ecothrive Coco Lite

It's hard to ignore the whole host of benefits that Coco Lite offers. First off it uses RHP certified and buffered coco. This creates a very stable medium that requires no preparation before use. The coco is mixed with Ecothrive's flagship product; Charge. This gives your newly potted plants an immediate boost straight out the bag with no hand-mixing needed. The addition of perlite into the medium ensures a fast draining and very aerated mix, perfect for fast growing plants. The extra aeration and drainage means Coco Lite does not compact over time when you water it, this means your root zone remains far more oxygenated than other mediums and practically eliminates the ability to over-water your plants.

Coco Lite is a great for all growing styles, be it hand-watering to dripper systems. If you are using a hydroponics system such as an IWS Flood & Drain or a self-watering system like an AutoPot, Coco Lite is the perfect choice as it can be used out the bag in most instances and requires no more free-draining medium such as perlite or pebbles to be added to it.

How To Use Ecothrive Coco Lite

Using Coco Lite couldn't be simpler! Just pour into your chosen pot, break up any lumps and settle the mix in by tapping around the edges of the pot. Then plant up!

Sold in 50L bags.


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