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Plant Magic Soil Supreme is a unique blend of lightly fertilised peat blend, packed with beneficial bacteria and organic growth stimulants. This highly aerated growing media promotes fast growth and healthy roots. Providing the optimal foundation for your plants, ensuring highly productive blooms and an abundant final harvest of superior quality.

This blend has been lightly fertilised to a medium level, this means it is ideal for transplanting young cuttings or seedlings. Plant Magic are based in the UK and have been top of their game when it comes to nutrients and substrates for many years. Their solid reputation has been built over years and for good reason, they continue to produce high quality substrates and nutrients.

How it works

Plant Magic Soil Supreme is a peat based potting soil. The blend consists of all-natural ingredients e.g., black peat, white peat, rich compost and growth stimulants. However, this is not your ordinary potting soil. This mix contains added phytocell; a 100% biodegradable product that increases the aeration and drainage properties of the soil. The added aeration means greater root development, nutrient transport, increased plant strength and elevated levels of production.

How to use Plant Soil Supreme

Plant Magic Soil Supreme is ready to use, straight out of the bag. There is enough nutrients in this blend for 2-3 weeks, with nothing but water needed. It makes a fantastic starting point for creating your own unique potting mixture. You can add other organic inputs such as insect frass (Ecothrive Charge) or Bat Guano (Plagron) if you enjoy mixing your own unique organic potting mixes or have bespoke requirements for your plants.

Soil preparation makes a huge difference when it comes to using Soil Supreme. Especially when it comes to how well your plant responds after transplanting. We recommend you slightly moisten the media and leave it in a warm place for around 36 hours before using it. By doing this, the microbial life in the soil will become active, therefore they will be ready to get to work as soon as you plant into it. The bacteria and fungi are key to the perfect organic environment, facilitating nutrient uptake, healthy root growth and guarding against undesirable pathogens and disease.

Once you have left your soil for 36 hours, break and fluff up and compacted lumps that may have formed in the bag. Do not compact soil down inside the pot, it will naturally do this when transplanting, this is to ensure adequate aeration and drainage throughout the entire pot. To ensure the media settles perfectly, tap and shake the pot whilst filling is taking place.

Plant Magic Soil Supreme works harmoniously alongside their full bottled nutrient line, either the old timer organic range, or equally well with their mineral line.  For help with these products and how to use them, including ingredients and reviews please call us or check out website.

Soil Supreme does not contain a lot of nutrient (EC 1.2) so depending on the plants you are growing, you will need to use a fertiliser after the first or second week. Grow and Bloom nutrients aren’t necessary during this time, however your plants will still benefit from the use of a rooting stimulant such as Enzyme, Root Stimulant or Veg Boost.

Soil Supreme is pre-buffered for pH with a liming agent, this means there is no need for any pH meters. This agent will automatically correct and pH variations in the substrate, back to the optimal level. You can re-use your media, just make sure you use some dolomite lime each time to ensure the pH buffer is still correct. Water at a gentle, constant rate, to ensure even pot saturation, ensuring the solution has not just leaked straight out of the bottom of the pot. We recommend that you feel the weight of your pot after watering and wait until it feels around half of that weight until you irrigate again. Long waits between irrigations could lead the peat to struggle to re-absorb the water, making it almost water repellent. You can use a wetting agent in this instance to stop water pooling on the surface.

You can never have enough good beneficial bacteria in your soil, so something like Ecothrive Biosys, can help boost performance even further.

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  • Will this item be in packaging to hide its contents

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    All of our shipments are discreetly packaged with no logo's or emblems visible.

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  • Will this soil be okay to put autos straight into

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    Our Plant Magic Soil Supreme is the perfect potting soil for all stages of a plant's lifecyle. From sowing seeds or planting cuttings directly into the medium, to harvesting your crop, this soil will work for your plants!

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