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Canna Terra Professional is a nitrogen-rich potting soil mix that is perfect for plants of all stages of growth. It contains a well thought out blend of black peat, granulated peat moss and perlite. This creates a structure that gives this soil ideal water holding capabilities but still allows it to drain effectively. This helps to promote fast root development and plant growth. 

How To Use Canna Terra Professional Soil

Loosen the soil and fill your pots with the required amount. The soil is light and airy and can be compressed very slightly if desired. Water until run-off occurs and then place your plants in the container.

Terra Professional contains a relatively low nutrient profile (EC 1.2) and is designed to work in harmony with the Canna Terra range of nutrients which we suggest to follow the Canna feed chart if you are doing so. For those using other brands then most will opt to feed with nutrients immediately, however for more sensitive plants the soil has around 1-2 weeks of nutrition in it meaning your plants can be fed with just water and additives (for example a root stimulator if you are just potting up) for this period if you wish.

Canna Terra Professional Soil is available in 50L bags.

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  • Is this for use outdoor

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    Our Canna Terra Professional soilis for usage both indoor and out.


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  • Why is it saying free shipping then ,£15 ,at checkout Regards

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    All orders that reach £50.00 in total will receive free shipping, meaning the courier charge for next day delivery (our standard service) is not liable to be paid. Surcharges for heavy and bulky items such as growing media are still applied to the total at checkout, as these are non-avoidable costs that our courier imposes.

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