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A well formulated and balanced combination of black and white peat, organic lime, perlite, organic fertilisers and of course Bat Guano, gives House and Garden Bat Special unique properties that really set it apart from it’s rivals. The black peat is sourced from Germany, the white peat from the Baltics and the addition of perlite all work in harmony to create a substrate with exquisite water holding and drainage properties.

House and Garden Bat Mix contains a carefully blended range of immediately available plant nutrient, as well as more long term, slow-release organic fertilisers to cater for your plants growth throughout its entire life cycle. It’s immediately available nutrient content is set to between an EC of 1.2 and 1.5, with an out-the-bag NPK ratio of 14-16-18. Even though the EC is relatively low for a soil, due to its content we always recommend to use it with more established plants as young seedlings or cuttings may find it a little ‘rich’.

Once your plants are potted up they will have an immediate reserve of correctly balanced nutrients to get them off to an explosive start. As Bat Mix contains a ‘medium’ amount of nutrition we would usually recommend to feed with just pH adjusted water for the first week (along with any additives you choose). Steer clear of any base nutrients for this initial period to prevent any chance of over-feeding. After the first week examine your plants and begin to introduce base feed as required (if leaves are looking a little yellow for example), for larger sized pots you may find that a longer period of just water is preferred.

As your plant grows and begins to demand more, the slow release nutrient; Bat Guano, begins to come into its own. Bat Guano is widely regarded as one of the best performing organic additives. It is naturally very high in phosphorus which is an essential element for important processes within the plant such as rooting and flowering. As well as this Guano has proven itself to enhance the taste and smell of various crops!


As with any fibrous substrate that you buy in a bag, make sure you fluff it up when you are filling up your pots. During the bagging process and transportation the media can become slightly compacted, which is not something that is beneficial for your roots! You want it nice and airy so less energy is needed for their development.  Break it apart with your hands as you fill your pots so it becomes light and airy once again. Do not be tempted to press and compact it down as you are filling up the pots. When you are potting up, gently tap and knock the pots so the peat mix uniformly settles, rather than compacting it and ruining its structure. This will ensure maximum amount of air pockets throughout the pot. Ideally moisten and warm the substrate 24 hours before using to prime the beneficial bacteria.

When potting up, apply a healthy dose of mycorrhizal fungi for improved root development. We highly recommend Ecothrive Biosys.

Weigh your pots between irrigations to ensure that you are watering adequately. Overwatering your plants can be more damaging than under-watering. As a rule of thumb we recommend around 10-15% run off each time and to re-water your plants once the pots have dropped around half the weight of when they was previously watered.

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