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Mills C4 is a superior bloom stimulator, consisting of a complex blend of micro and macro nutrients, bio-stimulants, carbohydrates and trace minerals that aim to facilitate healthier, heavier, more robust yields whilst simultaneously improving the quality of the plants. This enhanced quality is due to the potent bio-stimulants that induce the plant to produce vast amounts of essential oils and sugars. Your bloom will explode like nothing you have ever seen before.

How it works

Mills C4 initiates accelerated growth in flowering sets. It sets to work establishing thick fruit sets during the early to middle stages of flowering. The high potassium and phosphorus aid in the production and ripening of dense flowerheads, ensuring an optimum number of flowers, packed with flavour and aroma. C4 works to organically break down dead root material and convert it into carbohydrates which are then fed back to the plant, it does this using beneficial microorganisms at root sites to transfer nutrients. Denser and faster growing plants are created from the combination of L-Amino acids, Humic/Fulvic Acid and cold pressed seaweed. There are also trace elements of humates and fulvates which activate and boost flowerhead production.

How to use Mills C4

Mills C4 is designed for all growing methods, systems and media. The Mills Growth Chart recommends used during the flowering phase from weeks 3-6 at a rate between 5-15ml/L, depending on the stage your plant's are at. Check the feed chart for more details.

When used with Mills Basis A&B you will notice the NPK alters to have an elevated phosphorus and potassium level to facilitate growth of flowers and fruits. C4 is predominately organic and has no biological activity, this allows it to work in conjunction with beneficial biologics to feed tender flower sires and maintain overall plant health.

Mills C4 is available in 1L & 5L bottles. It works harmoniously alongside, Mills Ultimate PK, Basis A&B and C4 to complete the exceptional hydroponic nutrient & additives range from Mills. For help with these products and how to use them, including ingredients and reviews please call us or check out website.

Reviews & Questions

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