CX Horticulture Mighty Bloom Enhancer


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Mighty Bloom Enhancer is a powerful flowering additive that's designed to massively increase your overall yield. It will help your plants to produce more flowering sites whilst increasing the solid to water ratio in your flowers for a hard and dense finish. It's completely PGR free and a very effective product.

How It Works

When plants enter the flowering phase their nutritional requirements change and the need for potassium and phosphorus increase dramatically. If these two elements are not available at the correct rates then your final yields will suffer. Mighty Bloom Enhancer delivers a 'mighty' increase in these crucial components in a superior and highly absorbable form. Your plants will not only pack on weight and size but also produxe more flowering sites. Furthermore, Mighty Grow it has a specific schedule for use that is unlike other PK additive on the market. At around week 6 when when your plants are about to enter the final few weeks of the bloom period and they are at their most hungry you increase the dose for a single week to facilitate a massive uptake of nutrients and signal them to focus on hardening and ripening.

How To Use CX Horticulture Mighty Bloom Enhancer

Mighty Bloom is able to be used in any type of growing medium or hydroponic system. CX Horticulture recommend adding it from week 2 of flowering all the way until flush at 1ml per litre. When you reach week 6 this dose should be increased to 5ml per litre and you must also stop using your base nutrient for this week only. 

Mighty Bloom Enhancer works well with various other products and is especially suited to be used alongside the rest of the CX Horticulture range. It will deliver exceptional results when used with Head Masta as both products complement each other well and will help to produce fantastic results in flowering.

CX Horticulture Mighty Bloom Enhancer is available in 1L and 5L bottles.

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