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Telos Growcast Lighting Controller

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Telos Lighting's Growcast is a cutting-edge lighting controller that's specifically designed to help you achieve optimal plant growth and yields. Incorporating the same technology and software found in the Telos Mesh lights, you no longer need to buy expensive lighting controllers that are designed to only work with a single product, the Growcast has been programmed to work with LED and HPS lights from all the leading manufacturers. The Growcast will precisely control light timings, power output in PPFD and more!

Why Choose Telos Growcast

Precision controllers are now a standard addition to HPS and LED lighting, with simple on/off timers slowly becoming a thing of the past. The benefit of these controllers is the extra functionality they allow you to have in your grow room, you are now able to control a vast amount of lights all from a single unit with the tons of added features. However with the increased benefits comes an increased cost that make these controllers somewhat out of reach for some growers...until now. The Telos Growcast represents a true step forward in lighting control, bringing you a huge range of features at a very affordable price point and for a vast array of lighting brands on the market. The goal of the Growcast is to bring lighting control to almost every dimmable light on the market!

The Growcast uses the same software found in the Telos Mesh range of LEDs and allows you to precisely control a huge amount of lights securely from your smart phone. Unlike other controllers on the market the Growcast does not use WiFi, a master controller or timers in order to operate, instead it works on a totally decentralised Bluetooth network. This makes it completely secure when compared to other 'network' type options available. Simply connect the Growcast to your light, download the app to your phone and pair.

Currently almost all lighting controllers will adjust the output of your lights in percentage or wattage. Whilst this method works it is not particularly accurate to the amount of light output you are producing. The Growcast has the 'Precise PPFD' feature which maps measured photometric data to your grow room and calculates the average PPFD value across the canopy in realtime. This allows you to dial in your lighting requirements to an exact amount to help delivery the very best results.

By using the Growcast you no longer need to worry about heavy duty timers or contactors for your lights. Simply plug yours lights into the mains and connect to the Telos app. You can choose basic on/off timing or if your prefer a sunrise/sunset to gradually increase or decrease the light output as they turn or or off. This helps to protect your equipment from power surges which can shorten the working lifespan.

Currently the Growcast can work with over 100 different lights from various manufacturers. What's more is as new models are released the Telos team will remotely update the app so it is compatible with them meaning your Growcast will never become obsolete. This also applies to features and functions, so your Growcast will actually get better over time as updates are released! 

How To Use The Telos Growcast

The Growcast is very simple to setup and use. A single Growcast can control up to 50 lights from one Growcast module. Simply connect the Growcast to the first light and then 'daisy-chain' the rest of the lights as per the manufacturers instructions using the brand's recommended lead to do so. If you wish to have different light cycles or settings within the same room, or you have multiple rooms, then you will need to use an additional Growcast for every bank of lights.

Click here to get the instructions on how to setup your Growcast.


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