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Growth Technology Nitrozyme



Growth Technology Nitrozyme is a highly concentrated additive, derived from marine kelp extract. This incredible growth booster is completely safe to use and includes growth enhancers, micronutrients and bio-stimulants. You can use this additive to aid biological processes in plants during any stage of their growth, to facilitate enhanced growth and accelerated floral production.

How it works

Growth Technology Nitrozyme is a completely natural product and as it derived from sea kelp, it is completely safe to use during all stages of plant growth. You will notice rapid growth in your plants as the growth enhancers begin to work, the macro/micronutrients play a huge role in overall plant health and disease resistance. This product will help seedlings and cuttings get a head start and shorten the time prior to flowering.

How to use Growth Technology Nitrozyme

Nitrozyme is available in 300ml & 1L bottles. It can be used as a root feed or foliar spray. It is possible to use Nitrozyme on seedlings and cuttings, right the way through to the start of budding. Suitable for all growing media and systems, you can use it at every watering or reservoir change, as needed. For Soil use at a rate of 1-2ml/L, for hydroponics use at a rate of 5-10ml and finally, for a foliar spray use at a rate of 5ml/L. If you choose to use as a foliar spray, make sure you spray plants, ensuring the tops and bottoms of the leaves are completely covered. Make sure the spray does not come into contact with your grow lamp, therefore it is best to spray your plants in low light conditions. This also ensures your leaves do not get burnt by the amplified light hitting the leaves.

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