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Growth Technology Formulex is a famous, single solution plant feed for rearing young plants. It has been designed for use with seedlings and cuttings that are demanding a need for food. This incredible nutrient is world renowned by expert growers as it can be used for the fertilising requirements for not only young plants, but plants at all stages of growth.

How it works

Growth Technology Formulex is a 1-part mineral feed that is extremely versatile. It boasts a complete nutrient profile and contains everything young, developing plants need when it comes to their initial feeds. As well as being used on young plants, it can be used all the way through the vegetative stage in soil and hydroponically grown plants. It has an incredible capacity for stable pH through its innovative inbuilt buffering capacity, so it will not require pH adjusting with the majority of water types.

How to use Growth Technology Formulex

Growth Technology Formulex is available in 1L & 5L bottles. It sits alongside Growth Technology Liquid Silicon and Liquid Oxygen to complete the exceptional hydroponic nutrient & additives range from Growth Technology.

Formulex is a perfect all-round solution, for soil, hydroponics and foliar feeding. It is most commonly used and best suited to the propagation stage. We recommend that you soak your propagation medium in a nutrient solution that contains Formulex, this means your young plants can start to use this formula as soon as possible.

The Growth Technology website recommends use for soil grown plants at a rate of 5ml/L of water, weekly. For hydroponics, use 10ml/L of water and as a foliar spray, use weekly at a rate of 5ml/L of water

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Reviews & Questions

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