Hemp Mulch



Hemp Mulch is an ideal, organic and sustainable mulch. Perfect for no-till growing, it keeps the top layer of soil moist to ensure an optimised condition for beneficial microbes to thrive and work effectively. During the Autumn, leaves naturally fall from trees and decompose on the ground, this releases a vast amount of nutrients into the soil for future generations of fauna to grow. No-Till gardening is becoming extremely popular all over the world, its foundations are based on the premise that we should minimise what is removed from the soil, part of this important process involves replicating the natural feed available to the next generation of plants by using this type of organic mulch.

Hemp Mulch is a particularly good mulch, it is a perfectly sustainable crop with an incredible structure. It is made from the stems and stalks of the industrial hemp plant. Hemp is renowned for its ability to consume and destroy weeds, therefore this means there no need to use herbicides during growth, so there is no carryover of herbicides or insecticides into your mulch. It returns nutrients to the natural soil and also adds humus to the soil.

Hemp is naturally biodgradeable and is pH neutral, facilitating a soil-rich base for future crops. Earthworms will be drawn to the micro-organisms and biota properties of hemp, whilst predators such as slugs will stay away. Hemp Mulch also provides an excellent barrier against heat and cold, this encourages plants to grow. The hemp surface will stay drier than many other types of mulch and this will help against frost damage; hemp will remain durable against certain weather conditions for four to nine months.

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