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Probably the best choice of material for your mulch layer in your No-Till garden! Hemp is a sustainable crop with an incredible structure. Rich in bio-organisms and renowned for its natural ability to consume and destroy weeds. It is also bio-degradable and pH Neutral.

How It Works

During the Autumn, leaves naturally fall from trees and decompose on the ground, this releases a vast amount of nutrients into the soil for future generations of fauna to grow. No-Till gardening essentially replicates this natural process with the use of mulch and worms being added to your pot or bed. 

The mulch layer also acts as a great insulator for your pot and helps to prevent against excess heat or cold in the root zone. It also means the top layer of the soil remains moist which is essential for beneficial microbes (the key to success in No-Till growing) to remain active and healthy.

No-Till gardening is becoming extremely popular all over the world, its foundations are based on the premise that we should minimise what is removed from the soil, part of this important process involves replicating the natural feed available to the next generation of plants by using this type of organic mulch.

How to Use Hemp Mulch

Hemp Mulch should be added to your pot or bed when you first plant out. In order for mulch to work as it should and see the full benefits it is essential to use Composting Worms in your pots as these will feed on the mulch as it breaks down and create nutrient rich 'humus' in the soil for your plants to feed on. The amount of mulch to use varies from grower to grower, however we recommend using approx 3L per 56L pot. This provides a nice thick layer over the surface of your soil. As the mulch is broken down over time you can top up with more as needed.

Sold in 3L and 12L pouches. 

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