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Superthrive is a powerful vitamin-hormone liquid concentrate that supplies your plants with a huge range of supplemental beneficial ingredients. This world famous liquid concentrate is works as a potent tonic for stressed plants and is extremely popular to use during transplanting, to reduce shock and encourage the building of strong plant structures.

How it works

Superthrive is designed to supplement your regular plant feeds, to provide plants with a highly concentrated blend of vitamins and hormones. This famous product has earned its name over the years and is used by many growers all over the world for its stress releving and strength enhancing properties. It has become an essential product for maintaining plant health, facilitating strong root systems, helping to increase floral blooms and vegetable production. It contains a blend of soluble and insoluble nitrogen and kelp in a concentrated form, that goes a very long way and can be used in all growing systems, regardless of what stage of growth your plants are in.

How to use Superthrive

Superthrive should be used as a supplemental feed in conjunction with your regular base feed. It can be used throughout the whole growth phase or as a soak after you have re-potted your plants. Remember to shake the bottle very well before use and if you have young plants use at a rate of 1 drop per L, for larger plants you can use at a higher rate of 4 drops per L. If you choose to use as a foliar spray please follow the same dosage guideline.

Superthrive has many uses, and these can be explored further here It is available in 120ml, 480ml, 960ml, 3.78L and 9.4L. For help with this product and how to use it, including ingredients and reviews please call us or check out website.

Reviews & Questions

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