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Instantly remove chlorine and chloramine from your tap water and get maximum results from your nutrients. Gone are the days of leaving water to stand for 24 hours before use! By using Ecothrive Neutralise you can get your water ready for inputs such as microbes and beneficial bacteria without the risk of disinfectants present killing them off.

How It Works

Chlorine and chloramine are added to water supplies throughout the UK and work as powerful disinfectants, killing potentially harmful bacteria and making it safe to drink. Chlorine alone can create unwanted by-products so the water companies are moving towards a more stable version know as chloramine. It is made by mixing ammonia with chlorinated water and is far more effective at killing bacteria as it remains present for a greater period of time. This is great for ensuring safe drinking water, however not so good for watering your plants with. Chlorine compounds are very reactive and kill microbes by oxidation, the issue is they cannot distinguish between 'good' and 'bad' bacteria, meaning that these compounds found in your nutrients and additives are at risk and therefore hindering or stopping them from working. Studies have shown a single watering of tap water can kill around a third of the microbes in and around the root-zone depending on the concentrations of chlorines. Fortunately a single dose of Neutralise will instantly make tap water 100% safe to water your plants. It uses a concentrated form of vitamin C that reduces the chlorine compounds to chloride, which is completely harmless to microbes and will ensure you are getting the very best results from your nutrients. At very low levels it is actually a macronutrient required by plants!

How To Use Ecothrive Neutralise

We highly recommend using Neutralise with all nutrients and additives and with every watering or tank change. It is particularly important though when using organics or microbiological products such as Ecothrive Biosys. Ecothrive recommend a dose of 1 drop per litre or 1ml per 20 litres of tap water. This will deal with up to 0.6mg/L of total chlorine which applies to the majority of tap water found in the UK. If you have a greater amount than this then you can double the dose. Always add Neutralise before any other products, ensuring it is stirred thoroughly.

Ecothrive Neutralise is available in 50ml and 250ml bottles.

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