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Containing an equal blend of barley, wheat, oat, rye and crimson clover seeds, Cover Crop Mix helps to create extra life within your living soil mix and in turn help your main plant to grow stronger and yield heavier.

How It Works

Cover Crop works in a number of ways to help your plants. The addition of more species of plant within a single pot may seem odd at first but it actually has a positive effect on the main plant you are growing! As Cover Crop Mix begins to germinate and the roots grow into the medium this will send a signal to your larger, main plant that there is competition nearby and this will cause it to ramp up its growth in order to 'out-compete' the other species. As the Cover Crop grows the sprouting shoots and leaves above the soil surface can be cut and added to your mulch layer to be broken down into nutrients for the soil.

As well as this, as Cover Crop is a mixture of various grains this greatly helps to encourage beneficial fungi growth such as mycorrhizae which facilitates root health.

How to Use Cover Crop Mix

Cover Crop should be planted out at the same time as your main plant is. The seeds should be sowed and then covered with a thin layer of soil. If you are using a mulch layer in your pot this can then be placed on top at the same time. We recommend using around 25-50g of Cover Crop Mix per 56L pot.

Available in 100g or 500g pouches.

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