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Ecothrive Life-Cycle Soil Amendment is a powerful, organic nutrient mix loaded with potent ingredients such as Neem Cake, Kelp meal, Crustacean Meal, Basalt Rock Dust, Gypsum, humic and fluvic acids. These ingredients perform many roles in keeping the soil nourished. It will deliver slow-release nutrients, enhance growth rates and provide a vital source of nutrition for colonies of beneficial bacteria and micro-organisms. It turn this will ensure nutrients are bioavailable to your plants, promoting accelerated growth rates, resulting in tough and resilient plants.

How it works

Ecothrive Life-Cycle is designed to be mixed with your chosen potting soil. You should mix it in with your soil before potting up. This will provide a vast amount of bio available nutrients growth enhancers and food for the organisms that populate the soil. You can use Life-Cycle to replenish super soils after they have been used. This will save you money, as you will not need to buy fresh soil every time.

Life-Cycle contains a dose of EcoThrive Charge well as a plethora of other key ingredients. The Neem Cake is especially rich in Calcium and Magnesium, two key secondary macronutrients, which fortify your plants, keeping them safe from pests and diseases. The Kelp Meal is loaded with natural growing hormones, especially cytokinins, indoles and auxins/gibberellins which all help to assist in healthy plant growth. Kelp is packed full of nutrients and contains around 60 trace elements. Crustacean Meal is derived from 100% krill, which provides a source of fatty acids to feed the beneficial microbes. Life-Cycle also contains Gypsum and Basalt Rock Dust helping to make stems and branches tougher with the high levels of natural silicon in the Basalt, whilst the Gypsum works to convert key nutrients into easily absorbable forms, increasing nutrient uptake.

How to use Ecothrive Life-Cycle Soil Amendment

We highly recommend the use of Ecothrive neutralise to remove any chlorine and chloramine from tap water before using Life-Cycle. Mix it with your substrate before you pot up. For soil or coco add at a rate of 300-350g for every 50L of growing media. For super soil add at a rate of 250g for every 40L of growing media. Many growers also choose to dust the surface of pots with 15-30ml and water. This process can be repeated every 3-4 weeks.

Ecothrive Life-Cycle Soil Amendment is available in 1kg & 5kg tubs and works harmoniously with all Ecothrive products. For help with this product and how to use it, including ingredients and reviews please call us or check out website.

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ecothrive rules

I started using ecothrive products in 2020 after searching the market for decent organic dry amendmends. Huge boost for my plants and complimented the existing bio-bizz feeding regime. Great for using as a dry amendment and for regenerating your soil/coco between grows and when used with other ecothrive products like Neutralise, Charge and Boosts instant microbial tea you really do get awesome results. Fantastic Organic UK Brand. Always on my list.

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