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The well known and highly respected mycorrhizae additive. Great White's market leading formula of beneficial bacteria is a sure fire way to boost your root system. The powerful cocktail of microbes can be used at any stage of growth. Plants will benefit from bigger, healthier root systems that are more resistant to disease alongside greater nutrient uptake that results in faster growing plants that yield heavier.

How It Works

Mycorrhizae form a symbiotic relationship with the plants roots. The beneficial fungi colonise the roots and form a network of filaments called mycelium which feed on the sugars the plant produces. In exchange for this they help to increase the surface area of the roots and protect them from pathogens. This increase in root growth directly translates into greater nutrient uptake which in turn means faster growing plants that can produce the very biggest of yields! There are various different species of these beneficial bacteria and Great White has a vast amount of them! Each tub is packed full of 9 types of endomycorrhiza, 7 types of ectomycorrhiza, 12 types of bacteria and 3 types of trichoderma. Each of these species has it's own unique process in which it helps the plant and combined they form a powerful additive for your plants. 

How To Use Plant Success Great White Mycorrhizae

Great White comes in powder form and is extremely versatile, it can be used in a number of different ways. It is suitable for plants grown in any type of medium or system and can be used at all stages of growth. Below we have listed the recommended applications.

Seeds: Apply a light dusting of Great White to each planting hole before filling the hole and watering.

Cuttings: Once you have dipped cuttings into their rooting hormone, you can then dip them in a small quantity of Great White, before moving them to their rooting plugs.

Transplanting: Lightly dust the transplanting hole with Great White before re-potting cuttings and seedlings.

Soil & Coco: Apply by top feeding containers once a week, mix one 5ml scoop per 25L of water.

Hydroponics: Mix into your reservoir at a rate of one 5ml scoop per 25L of nutrient solution.

For those looking to use Great White primarily in hydroponics system or as a root drench then Plant Success Orca may be a better option as this is a liquid version and may be easier to mix.

Plant Success Great White is available in 28g and 113g tubs.

Questions & Answers

Ask a Question
  • Hi, Very interested in this product. Not really sure on how to use correctly. Views differ from one to anther. Can you mix directly into watering mix? Or is it better to top dress? Also, how often to use? When do you stop using product, in flower? At what week? Many thanks.

    Hi there,

    Great White by Plant success is greatly effective when applied generously around the rootball and into the medium itself.

    If you would like to use it in a solution, we would recommend the following dilution rate:

    10 Gallons - 1 scoops

    20 Gallon - 2 scoops

    50 Gallons - 3-4 scoops

    100 Gallons 6-8 scoops

    Kind Regards,


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