Systemair Revolution Stratos Silenced AC V2 Fans


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Systemair Revolution Stratos Silenced AC V2 Fans

150mm - 420m3/h


These high-powered extraction fans have been brought to you by Global Air Supplies and they are undoubtedly one of the finest on the market. There is clearly superior design and effort that has gone into these products. The Revolution Stratos gives you the highest amount of air movement, with the lowest decibel levels.

The AC fans are available in three versions, 6”, 8” and 10”. Each variant moves significantly more air than any other brand equivalent and perform substantially better under pressure, for example, when you are attaching a filter. Therefore, you will not lose airflow through your extraction system, that you would with other fan equivalents. To move large quantities of air with minimal noise, look no further than these fans.

Systemair are one of the best options for extraction currently available on the market. Even though they are a relatively new company, based in England, the team behind the scenes have been actively delivering high-quality extraction solutions for years. They are the only wholesaler that specifically tailors themselves to provide high quality solutions for grow room extraction systems. Using their experience of other high-quality products to the market, such as Rhino Filters or the IWS watering systems.

How The Systemair Revolution Stratos AC Fans Work

These fans are designed to efficiently clear all the humid and hot air from your grow room/space, in turn refreshing CO2 levels and creating an optimum environment for your plants to thrive. Your grow environment is paramount for a successful, abundant harvest. The fans are powered by a very powerful and reliable German-built motor. This motor spins using magnetic induction and quickly switches polarities to turn the motor without the hinderance of contacting brushes. This motor is sealed in a customised, compact plastic housing. Meaning you get optimal air movement, from a reasonably small unit, with no chances of leaking. The main fan is housed in a metallic casing that is responsible for its silent operation. The metal housing is properly insulated with a unique material to stop any unwanted noise escaping.

The Impeller/fan blades have a huge impact on the performance of these fans. They are responsible for the movement of air through the fan and the curvature of the blades affects the direction and efficacy of how the fan moves air. The double balanced fan alongside the axial impeller means it outperforms all other fans.

A number of guide veins are built into the housing of the fan, just after the impeller and blades. This ensures that the moving air is re-directed in a straight line coming out of the fan. Resulting in less turbulence of the air moving through your ducting, which ensures more efficient air flow and much less noise.

The brushes have been completely removed in these fans, thanks to the power of magnetic induction. The motor is now spun on its axis without having to come in to contact with anything. In the past, metal brushes made contact with points around the motor, eventually causing something to wear down and break.

The inner plastic housing of the fan is completely is not only custom moulded, but also 100% airtight, to ensure no air leaks. The electrical connection box is also sealed and completely waterproof. Finally, the fan is situated inside an acoustically insulated housing, ensuring very little noise is coming from these fans. Instead of regular spongey material to insulate the noise, a custom acoustic foam has been used and this reduces noise to an extremely low level.

How To Use Systemair Revolution Stratos AC Fans

If noise level is a concern for you, then these fans are definitely what you should consider. If you decide whisper quiet extraction is required, the next step is to choose the right model for you. Choosing the correct fan depends on a number of variants. You must consider the volume of your grow room, the amount of wattage of HID light you have in there and how exposed the room will be to the elements, e.g., is it a loft that will heat up in summer?

You can perform a number of calculations that will give you a rough estimate of the model that you will require. However, to ensure you pick the correct fan, we advise giving us a call and we can discuss the best options for you. We have a number of years of experience and appreciate the individuality of each grow room.

You should make sure you hang these fans from a suitable load bearing surface. They should be hung with heavy duty chains or ideally rope ratchets, so the mounting height can be easily adjusted. Ideally, use deluxe fast clamps and insulated ducting. It is also highly recommended to use premium fan speed controllers with extraction fans, as cheaper alternatives will make more of a humming sound when operated at a low-speed setting.


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  • Does it have thermostat

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    This unit does not have a thermostat built in, you will need a fan controller to measure and adjust this.

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