Systemair Revolution Vector Silenced EC V2 Fans


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The Systemair Revolution Vector Silenced EC Fans are super silent fans designed to move a significant amount of air around your grow room. Global Air Supplies have worked alongside Systemair to bring this powerful fan to the market for indoor growers. The new range of Revolution EC fans delivers vast amounts of airflow and has been designed specifically for use with CarboAir filters.

How Do Systemair Revolution Vector Silenced EC Fans Work?

These fans have been designed to look ergonomically pleasing. They remove hot, stale air from your grow room with whisper quiet operation. The airflow rating of each model are as follows:

- 150mm – 796m3/h

- 200mm – 1332m3/h

- 250mm - 1822m3/5

- 250mm L – 2077m3/h

The brushless motor gets the fan turning and moving air. The brushes have been completely removed in these fans, thanks to the power of magnetic induction. The motor is now spun on its axis without having to come in to contact with anything. In the past, metal brushes made contact with points around the motor, eventually causing something to wear down and break.

The blade and fin designs channel the air flow to create a uniform jet of air. This ensures much less turbulence in your ducting run. This dramatically reduces the overall pressure on the fan, reducing noise levels and improving overall airflow.

The design of the impeller and the directional fins combined with the motor, means there is no fan on the market that can perform better. Minimal air flow drop from pressure increases, using up to 50% less energy than conventional extract fans while it does so.

The cylindrical housing of the fans is properly acoustically insulated, accompanied with perfectly balanced fans, ensuring no noise will be apparent from the movement of air, or the turning of the motor.

EC is an abbreviation of electrically commutated. This is a reference to how the supply to the motor is slightly different to that of previous fans. In the past, electromagnets were charged when a set of brushes contacted them on each revolution and induced the required current. The innovative electrical circuitry makes sure the correct amount of armature current is supplied in the right direction, at the correct time to magnets placed in key positions, to control and turn the motor. By powering the motor in this way, it uses around half the power, compared to previous fans. This saves money on electricity bills and means you will not need to buy a replacement as often. These products come with a two-year guarantee. When turned down they also use proportionally less current compared to their AC cousins.

How To Use Systemair Revolution Vector Silenced EC Fans

These fans come with a plug, so it is just a case of mounting the fan, connecting the filter and ducting. Then connect them to a fan controller or straight into a wall socket. Ensure all of these steps are followed, as they will all impact on performance. There are many makes and models of carbon filter to choose from, so you should ensure you have the appropriate size for your grow room. They all have their own individual flow rating. The CarboAir range from G.A.S. are the perfect choice because they are the only filters designed specifically for use with Systemair’s fans. Giving you the highest level of performance.

Ensure your ducting has an airtight seal when connected to the fan. Any air holes can create unwanted turbulence and reduce the air flow through your setup. The ducting should also be as straight as possible to minimise air flow loss and reduce noise from excessive turbulence. Check the seals of all connection by running a lit splint beneath the run length. If there are leaks you will see the smoke get sucked in or blown out and this will need correcting.

When considering the correct fan for your grow room, you must consider anything that effects the overall temperature. Such as, the volume, number of lights and whether the property is south facing etc. Once you have calculated the total volume of air you need to move, you will be able to match the rating on any fan. Please remember that when a fan is attached, it will reduce airflow by around 20-25%, so take this into consideration for your room. Please feel free to contact us with any queries and we will help you make the right choice.

Ensure you mount your fan as close to the filter as possible, with little interference in between. E.g., a long, bendy ducting run. It is recommended that you use deluxe fast clamps to ensure the perfect airtight seal. We also always suggest the use of premium fan speed controllers with extraction fans, as cheaper versions will usually make the units hum, especially on their lower speed settings.

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