Systemair Revolution Vector Silenced EC Fans




  • Huge air flow ratings!
  • Cope very well under pressure (minimal air flow drop)
  • Almost silent, acoustically designed housing.
  • Brushless motors
  • Aerodynamically optimised impellers/veins
  • EC technology – uses half the power of traditional fans.
  • Plug and play.

The Systemair Revolution EC Fan has been specifically designed with the modern grow room in mind. Super silent and able to move huge amounts of air, there is no better choice for your hydroponic grow room. Global Air Supplies have worked closely Systemair, to bring a fan that has been refined with the indoor grower firmly in mind. Other than the superior efficiency of the EC based motor, the new range of Revolution EC fans deliver massive airflows, with minimal noise. Purposefully designed for use with the CarboAir filters in mind, there is no greater combination of products to ensure you have the correct air flow rates in your hydroponic grow room.

An incredibly sleek looking fan to boot, the Systemair Silenced Vector fans make for one of the best ways to clear the hot stale air from your grow room, with hardly any noise while you are doing it. The airflow ratings of each model are as follows:

  • 150mm – 796m3/h
  • 200mm – 1332m3/h
  • 250mm - 1822m3/5
  • 250mm L – 2077m3/h

Ideal for use in conjunction with GAS CarboAir carbon filters and fan controllers. Full the full range, please look here.


They look fairly similar to other silenced fans on the market, but they pack quite a large number of extra features hidden under their modestly sleek exterior.

Brushless motor

The bit that gets the fan turning and moving the air. Previously, the impellers in fans were turned by motors that worked with a series of metal brushes making contact against several points to conduct the electricity and turn the blades. The electricity would be conducted through the brushes on the contact points, induce a magnetic field and turn the motor.  The problem with this operating model is that every time the brush makes contact, there is a small amount of wear, which will eventually result in the fan no longer working.

By tweaking the design and making use of a magnetic induction, the motor is turned by constantly switching the polarization of the points, to turn the motor without ever having to make any contact with it. The lack of resistance means the efficiency of these fans is truly second to none.

Fantastic air flow

There are two reasons why you get such a good direction of airflow form these fans, and a few reasons why having a directional airflow has a positive impact on the running of your grow room.

The design of the blades in combination with the fins used to channel the air flow, create a fantastically uniform jet of air. This makes for dramatically less turbulence throughout the entire length of your ducting run. This impacts on your overall airflow firstly by reducing overall noise levels and secondly by reducing the overall pressure on the fan, thus increasing overall airflow.

The combination of the physical design of the impellor and directional fins, combined with the fact that the motor is the most powerful of its type (and electrically efficient), mean that there is pretty much no fan on the market that can do a better job of clearing the hot and stale air from your hydroponic grow room. Minimal air flow drop from pressure increases, using up to 50% less energy than conventional extract fans while it does so.

Quiet operation

The main feature of these fans really must be just how quiet they operate, considering the amount of air that they are moving. The cylindrical housing of the fan contains a material that is unique to the Revolution Vector fans. Having properly acoustically insulated material designed specifically for the job means a huge reduction in decibel levels, without any impact on the airflow rates.  The superior acoustic insulation along with the perfectly balanced fan blades, mean hardly any noise will be apparent from either the movement of air, or the turning of the motor.

In a modern day urban growing environment, it is often essential that you have whisper quiet equipment to avoid annoying neighbours in densely populated areas. The GAS SystemAir Revolution Vector fans make the perfect choice for just this situation.

EC Electricity

EC stands for electrically commutated. So rather than a DC or AC fan where it represents the power supply, EC simply is more of a reference to how the supply to the motor is slightly different to that of previous fans. Previously the electromagnets where charged whenever a set of brushes contacted them on each revolution and induced the required current. The newly designed electrical circuitry makes sure that the right amount of armature current is supplied in the right direction, at the right time to magnets placed in key positions, to control and turn the motor.

By powering the motor in this way, the whole unit uses roughly half of the power of previous types of fans. This saves you untold amounts overall on your electricity bill, and because it means the units last longer as well, you will not need to buy a replacement as soon as you would think! In fact, they even come with a 2-year guarantee! Also, another consequence is that they use proportionally less power when they are turned down, than when compared to their AC cousins. Savings all round!


Unlike some other fans, these ones actually come with a plug, so you don’t have to faff around fitting one yourself. A small point, but one that saves you time. Once you have chosen the right size fan for your grow room, it is simply a case of mounting up in a suitable space, connecting the filter and ducting, then either connecting them to a fan controller or simply straight into a wall socket. Each of these steps will have an impact on the fans performance, so it is a good idea to make sure you have not overlooked anything when connecting it all up.

Always make sure that you use an appropriate sized carbon filter for the size fan that you have chosen. There are many makes and models to choose from all with their own individual air flow rating, so you need to match them accordingly. Of course, the CarboAir range of filters from G.A.S are the ideal choice, as they are the only filters that have been designed specifically for use with Systemair fan’s, earning a unique seal of approval from Systemair themselves. No other combination of fan and filter will give you the same high level of performance.

Always ensure the ducting has an air tight seal when you have connected it to the fan. Air holes can cause unwanted turbulence and reduce the overall air flow flowing through your set up. Also, be sure to make your ducting runs as straight as possible to minimise air flow loss and reduce noise from the result of excessive turbulence. It is always a good idea to check the seals of your connections by running a lit splint just beneath the length of the run. If there are any air leaks you will see the smoke get sucked in (or blown) and know that you need to correct this.


Calculating the size fan for the size grow room you have can depend on many things. The volume, the amount of lights, whether you are in a south facing property etc. Basically, anything that effects the temperature will impact on what size you need. There are a few simple rules based on volume alone to give you a rough idea of the size you may need, but you still need to consider every other variable.

Once you have calculated the total volume of air you need to be moving, you can match that to the rating on any given fan. However, you need to bear in mind that when you attach a filter to the fan, it will reduce that air-flow by around 20-25%. So, make sure this figure is still adequate for you room. If you are struggling to decide which size would be suitable for you, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help.


Try to mount the fan as close to the filter as possible, with as little as possible interfering with the airflow in between. I.E. try to make sure that there is not a long bendy run of ducting between them.

It is always preferable to use deluxe fast clamps and insulated ducting with Systemair Revolution Vector fans. The fast clamps will ensure the perfect air tight seal around the flange, while the insulated ducting will help further reduce and minimise any noise pollution heard from the unit.

It is always recommended to use premium fan speed controllers with extraction fans, as cheaper versions will tend to make the units’ hum, particularly when on their lower speed settings.

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Systemair Revolution Vector Silenced EC Fans

Systemair Revolution Vector Silenced EC Fans