Cool Shade Reflectors



This innovative product blows and extracts air through the reflector and over the lamp, thus controlling temperature. It is fully air tight meaning no unpleasant odours are leaked. It features a 'Euro' style reflector connected to the top of the glass ensuring that superior light output and spread is achieved and the highest amount of useable light is directed over your plants where it needs to be!

Perfect for controlling temperatures in hot rooms but as well as this it can be used to allow your lamps to be positioned closer to plants for accelerated growth. Multiple reflectors can be mounted in line and connected via ducting. We recommend that each reflector requires around 200m3/h of air to cool it effectively, so just multiply this figuire by the amount of shades you have to work out which fan size you require, always try to connect them in straight runs too.

Generally people choose the 125mm for 250w-600w lights and the 150mm for 600w-1000w lights

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