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Ignition Boost is a powerful flowering additive for use during the start of the bloom phase. It triggers the plant to produce a huge amount of new flowering sites and therefore will dramatically help to increase your yields especially when used alongside a PK additive. It also contains a number of bio-stimulants which will help to improve your plant's overall quality by increasing the production of sugars and oils.

How It Works

Flowering additives are often overlooked during the start of the bloom period, with most growers opting for stimulators and PK boosters during the second half of this stage. However this is the wrong approach! Selectively feeding your plant during the first part of the flowering stage is proven to improve your overall results and it is crucial to do so if you want to achieve the very best yields. Ignition Boost is designed purely for this purpose and essentially prepares your plants so they can achieve their full potential. The formula is comprised of a range of powerful biostimulants that will enhance flower development. They trigger your plant to produce more flowering sites in the initial stages formation, this is shown to greatly maximise yields. As well as this the plant will increase it's production of essential oils and sugars which results in better smelling and tasting crops!

How To Use Plant Magic Ignition Boost

Ignition Boost is suitable for use with all growing systems and media. We highly recommend using the product from the very start of the flowering phase. The Plant Magic feed chart suggest using Ignition Boost during the entire bloom cycle until flush at a rate of 2ml per litre. For the very best results Ignition Boost should be used alongside a PK additive during latter stages of flowering, this method will ensure the biggest yields are achieved.

Ignition Boost works best when combined with either PK 13/14 or Platinum PK 9/18 from Plant Magic nutrients. It will also work well with other PK additives as well as the rest of the Plant Magic range.

Ignition Boost is available in 1L and 5L bottles.

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