Acoustic Insulated Ducting


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- Reduces noise from air movement to a minimum

- Dual foil layer further prevents any issues with air leakages

- Avoids surface condensation from temperature differences between air sources

- Gives further peace of mind for both sound and smell

- Available in different lengths for ease of installation

- Relatively cheap and easy way to lower decibels from an extraction system

Do you get frustrated by the noise from a constant rush of air through a hydroponic extraction system? We certainly do, it’s one of the background noises we can all agree that we would rather do without. Acoustically insulated ducting is the ideal way to further reduce any unwanted noise from the air movement through the extraction system in your hydroponic grow room. Whether you already have acoustic box fans (or other silent fan variations) and want to ensure they stay true to their name, or have a more standard extract fan that you think could benefit from a bit of noise reduction, this is the ideal product for the job.


Usually the first port of call to reduce the unwanted noise of air whistling its way through your grow room’s extraction, acoustic ducting is a quick and easy fix to get the overall decibel count down as low as possible. Whether you are wanting to avoid conflict with over sensitive neighbours, or make sure your own slumber is not disturbed by the constant movement of air, acoustically insulated ducting is the ideal solution for you.

Further to reducing noise, a common problem seen with regular aluminium ducting can be entirely avoided with insulated ducting. Condensation can often build up along aluminium ducting when the temperature difference of the moving air is significantly different to that of its surroundings. For example, if you are intaking very cold air in winter in to a warm grow room, humidity will condense on the surface of the ducting and potentially then fall onto your plants. Insulated ducting avoids this issue entirely, therefore reducing any exposure to diseases that this may favour, particularly botrytis.

Tips On Using

Wear gloves and cover yourself up to avoid any of the insulation irritating your skin whilst you are installing the ducting.

Always ensure the ducting is secured to the fan and filter with as great an air tight seal as possible. Without adequately connecting the filter and fan to the duct-run, un-filtered air may by-pass your filter and find its way to the outside world. Air leaks can be looked for by lighting a splint and running it along your extract line. If there are any gaps then you will see the smoke get sucked into the duct run, indicating you need to give more attention in this area to achieving a correctly air tight seal.

Try to avoid any bends, kinks or slackness in the duct run. These will all lower the amount of air being extracted through the system.  Ideally have it as straight and as tight as possible to ensure as little back-pressure on the fan as possible, giving you the highest air movement possible.

Questions & Answers

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  • Is this suitable for a bathroom shower extraction system

    Hi there,

    Our acoustic ducting we would not advise suitable for bathroom extraction, but our combi ducting certainly is!

    Kind Regards,

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