Advanced Nutrients B-52



What is Advanced Nutrients B-52?

Advanced Nutrient B-52 contains a vast amount of carefully selected vitamins and natural ingredients tailored to aid plants in developing strength and producing more fruit/flowers. The promotion of root development with B-52 ensures your plants immune system is boosted so they can fight pathogens.

Expert growers use B-52 during a number of phases: To feed seedlings, cuttings and during the vegetative phase all the way up to the second week of blooming. High yields are achieved with this exceptional blend of vitamins. The solution contains organic and natural ingredients such as folic acid, minerals, humates and B vitamins. Suitable for all growing systems and mediums including hydroponics, run-to-waste and soil.

How It Works

Advanced Nutrient B-52 is a combination of B Vitamins, Kelp Extract and Seaweed to ensure robust plant development and productive blooming. The array of vitamins assist in boosting the development during the vegetative stage and furthermore increase flower production. The abundance of B vitamins, Folic Acid, Auxins and Humates is key to accelerating the metabolism within the plant, this helps recovery during stressful situations e.g. Transplanting or Transporting.

B-52 will ensure your plants are receiving all the vital nutrients they need during the vegetative stage. Delivering impressive blooming and fruiting.

How to use Advanced Nutrients B-52

Advanced Nutrients B-52 is available in 1L and 4L bottles. The Advanced Nutrients Connoisseur Feed Chart recommends use during the vegetative phase & flowering stage to boost vegetative growth, increase floral production and nutrient uptake in the plants’ cycle. 

Advanced Nutrients B-52 is designed to be used during the vegetative phase and the first two weeks of the flowering phase. Add to your feed water/nutrient solution at a rate of 2ml/L. Simply mix into your water tank. Begin by adding all the nutrients first followed by the additive and boosters. You can then adjust the pH level as required. Please ensure B-52 is kept away from overly high or low temperatures and is kept in a dark place.

Advanced Nutrients B-52 growth stimulant sits alongside Big Bud, Connoisseur Bloom/Grow A&B, Overdrive to complete the exceptional hydroponic nutrient & additives range from Advanced Nutrients.

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