Advanced Nutrients Sensi Grow



Advanced Nutrients Sensi Grow A&B is suitable for any hydroponic system or growing substrate, the 2-part nutrient consists of natural and organic ingredients, including Micro and Macronutrients, Fluvates, Amino Acids, Humates and a Wetting agent. Designed for the fruiting stages, this formula is made to the highest standard providing high energy to your plants. All nutrients are delivered with maximum solubility, encouraging the development of strong flowers and copious fruit.

How It Works

Advanced Nutrients Sensi Grow A&B contains an organic ‘wetting agent’ to facilitate spreading and uptake or nutrients by the roots. The Humic and Fulvic Acids aid in optimal nutrient absorption and transport around the plant. Finally, Sensi Grow contains a vast array of Amino Acids, known as the building blocks of proteins that enhance growth, hormone production and essential oil production. Sensi Grow also automatically adjusts to pH of your nutrient solution to the perfect level and this remains constant. This is due to its ‘pH perfect’ properties.

How to use Advanced Nutrients Sensi Grow

Advanced Nutrients Sensi Grow is available in 1L, 4L and 10L bottles. The Advanced Nutrients Feed Chart recommends use during the vegetative stage to increase boost vegetative growth, increase floral production and nutrient uptake in the plants’ cycle.

Advanced Nutrients Sensi Grow A&B is a 2-part nutrient to be used in equal amounts during the vegetative phase. Begin by adding part A into the water reservoir and stir very well. Then add part B and mix. Always use equal amounts of each.

Please note: When using all nutrients, additives and boosters, never mix them together in their concentrated form. Add each in turn, giving the solution a good mix before adding the next. Store away from extreme temperatures and out of the reach of children, also we recommend using protective gloves when handling the products.

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