Alien RDWC Black Series Systems


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Alien RDWC Black Series Systems

4 Pot (20 Litre)


Alien RDWC systems incorporate 20L or 36L buckets and are one of the best systems to grow in hydroponically. They optimise maximum growth potential, due to the super oxygenated nutrient solution, being constantly recirculated around the system, by an inline pump. Using this system, enables the grower to obtain the largest yielding plants to be grown hydroponically.


- Super oxygenated

- Reduced veg time

- Uniform pH and EC

- Plug in and grow

- Minimal medium


- Threaded 32mm fittings

- Heavy duty pots

- Elevated airlines

- Square net pots

- Chiller ready

    You will need Clay Pebbles for these systems.

    Hints & Tips

    The Alien RDWC system is compatible and ready to connect to a Hailea Chiller, to enable maximum oxygen availability we recommend keeping the water temperature between 18 - 21 degrees celsius.

    Tanks & Air Pumps

    Please note that all Alien RDWC Systems no longer come with a water butt or air pumps. This is so users can choose a size which best suits their requirements as well as allowing us to reduce the price of the systems. We suggest pairing your system with a Flexi Tank and Hailea ACO 98 Series Air Pump. Please see below for recommendations.

    15 & 30 Litre Systems (Tanks)

    - 4 Pot - 12 Pot: 100L Flexi Tank

    - 15 Pot - 28 Pot: 225L/400L Flexi Tank

    - 32 Pot - 48 Pot: 400L/750L Flexi Tank

    15 & 30 Litre Systems (Air Pumps)

    - 4 Pot - 6 Pot: 30L/min

    - 8 Pot - 10 Pot: 40L/min

    - 12 Pot - 16 Pot: 60L/min

    - 18 Pot: 80L/min

    - 21 Pot - 28 Pot: 100L/min

    - 32 Pot - 48 Pot: 150L/min


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