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Alien RDWC V-Systems

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The future of hydroponics is here. Combining years of knowledge and research Alien has now taken RDWC growing to new levels with the V-System. Utilising new technology, the V-System requires no air pumps to function like a traditional Deep Water Culture System would do and features a whole host of beneficial features you would expect from an Alien Hydroponics System.

How It Works

Deep Water Culture is one of the highest yielding and fastest growing hydroponic growing methods currently available. Plants are grown in net pots with Clay Pebbles to support them, the net pot it suspended over a larger bucket which is constantly filled with your nutrient solution and heavily oxygenated. As the plant grows the roots grow down into the water and have the perfect environment to flourish and grow quickly. Traditional Deep Water Culture growing requires the use of air pumps to oxygenate the water, without this your plant's roots would 'drown' and die in the water. This is where the V-System differs...

Through years of research Alien have developed a way to oxygenate the nutrient solution without the need for air pumps. This has a multitude of benefits such as no excess noise from the air pumps, less plug sockets being used as well as no longer needing air stones! The V-System achieves this by creating a whirlpool in each pot which in turn fully oxygenates the entire fluid in the pot as oppose to just the area around the air stone which can occur in standard DWC systems. No matter where your roots are growing in the pot they will be getting the maximum amount of oxygen at all times. The pots are then further oxygenated by quiet venturi valve technology which actively draws air into the pot. All this results in huge growth and yields!

All systems feature huge 58 litre pots which are capable of holding even the most giant of root systems. Each pot is connected with heavy duty fittings and customisable length 5" pipework allowing the systems to fit in any space. What's more the pots have been expertly designed with a sloping base which, unlike other systems, allows all of your water to be fully drained from the system for tank changes. The vortex pump is located outside the header pot which means far less heat is transferred to the nutrient solution.

Aside from these innovative features the V-System can still be treated like a traditional DWC system and the only change you need to make is preparing yourself for the lightning fast growth rates and incredible yields!

Bespoke system configurations available upon request. Please contact us with your requirements.


Questions & Answers

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  • Is this suitable for grow tents? s it necessary to fill the pots to capacity or could it be filled to say 36Ltr levels instead? What is the power consumption in Kw/Hrs

    Hi there,


    Yes these systems are indeed suitable for grow tents. The fill line is at the 50L mark on these pots. The units range from 180w-280w dependant upon the system.

    Kind Regards,

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