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Athena Balance is a simple formula of Potassium Silicate which has been specifically concentrated to help buffer and stabilise the pH of your nutrient solution. As well as this the addition of silicon to your solution has a whole host of plant benefits such as stress reduction and stronger cells.

How It Works

For the best results with most nutrient ranges we would always recommend to use reverse osmosis (RO) water. RO water has a zero EC value as it has been stripped of any impurities and other un-needed elements you would find in tap water. This means nutrients can be used to their full dosages and therefore your plants are getting more of what they need. However pure RO water has an unstable chemical structure which can cause issues with both pH levels and nutrient lockouts. Most growers opt to add some tap water to their mix in order to combat this which then adds these unwanted impurities back into your mix. Fortunately Athena Balance can help! Balance adds just enough to the water to create the needed buffer and a homogenous nutrient solution as well as reducing the need to pH after you have made your mix.

The other benefit of adding Potassium Silicate to your solution is amount it actually helps your plants. Silicon greatly increases the thickness and strength of your plants cell walls. This helps to improve things such as the thickness of the stems, greater stress reduction and more resistance to disease and environmental factors. 

How To Use Athena Balance

Athena recommend to use Balance throughout the entire cycle and is especially important if using RO water. It should be added until the desired pH level has been reached in your nutrient solution. Balance can be used with both the Pro Line and Blended Line of feed from Athena.

Athena Balance is available in 32oz and 1 Gal bottles. 

Reviews & Questions

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