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Athena Blended Line - Cleanse


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Athena Cleanse is a unique product with a multitude of uses. The main ingredient is derived from a salt using a special process to create a plant safe chemical which has power oxidative which help keep your root zone clean and free from unwanted organic and mineral buildup. It will also greatly assist in keeping your irrigation systems and pipework clean.

How It Works

Athena Cleanse is made from Hypochlorous Acid this plant safe chemical is the ideal solution for root-zone optimisation. We highly recommend it when using either the Athena Blended or Pro Line ranges as well as adding to your existing nutrient schedule. Cleanse helps to de-scale your nutrient reservoir and irrigation system to keep it running efficiently for longer. It is also incredibly effective as a final flushing agent to help clean growing media. When added to your solution it will help to decompose any buildups of organic and mineral matter in the root zone, this allows growers to run higher EC levels without any of the associated issues you would normally face. It also has a very low TDS value so will not effect the balance of your overall nutrient solution.

How To Use Athena Cleanse

Athena Cleanse can be used in a number of ways:

System Maintenance: Apply at a rate of 2-5ml per gallon to help keep irrigation systems running at optimum. It will break down scale, mineral and organic buildup that have been lodged within the system and root-zone. For more severe conditions increase the dose to 5-10ml per gallon.

Seedlings/Clones: Dip fresh cuttings in a solution of Cleanse (10ml per gallon) to help boost immunity and overall cell health. Seeds and cuttings that are treated with Cleanse will have more vigour and will be more likely to grow into strong healthy plants. Your roots will be bright white and bursting with hairs!

RDWC and Recirculating Hydroponics Systems: Treat water with Cleanse at a rate of 2-10ml per gallon to help reduce the risk of developing common problems that are associated with overwatering and poor oxygen levels. It will also help keep the system clean from mineral and organic buildups and prevent deficiencies which can be caused by nutrient lockout.

Growing Media/System Flush: Add Athena Cleanse at a rate of 5-10ml per gallon during the final flush stage to help reduce residual mineral buildup. This procedure can also be used at any time if your system or medium develops a buildup or imbalance.

Surface Cleaning/Treatment: Grow room tools and working areas can be cleaned with a solution of Cleanse (use at 375ml per gallon). This ensures a clean environment without the need for harsh or toxic chemicals. The same dose can also be flushed through your growing systems between grow cycles.

Athena Cleanse is available in 32oz and 1 Gallon bottles.

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