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Athena Blended Line - PK


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Designed to work alongside Athena Bloom A&B, Athena PK is a balanced solution of just the right amount of Phosphorus and Potassium that plants require during flowering to ensure they produce the biggest yields with maximum production. The balanced profile also stops the plant being overloaded and helps to boost essential oil production.

How It Works

For lots of growers when using PK-type additives the phrase 'more is more' tends to be the general consensus, however this is not always the case. While increasing the levels of Phosphorus and Potassium during flowering will certainly have an effect on your overall yield and final results it can also have a detrimental effect if used to heavily. Most commonly you will find the greater the application of PK the less available Magnesium and Calcium becomes which can lead to nutrient deficiencies and lockout. Athena PK provides just the right amount of additional PK to your plants during mid-late flowering and will make sure they produce the very best yields with superior quality.

How To Use Athena PK

Athena recommend to use PK at a rate of 3-10ml per gallon from week 3 of flowering until flush. For the best results please check out the Athena feed charts which will help you get the most from this fantastic range.

Athena Blended Line - PK is available in 32oz and 1 Gallon bottles.

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