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Athena Blended Line - Stack


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Stack is a natural plant nutrient which can be used as a foliar spray or root drench. It can be used at various times during the growth cycle and will help your plants reach their full genetic potential.

How It Works

Athena Stack is made primarily from a Kelp extract. Kelp is well known for being a natural plant booster in various ways. It can help boost vegetative and flowering growth as well as help stressed plants. When used on cuttings and seedlings it can assist with germination and rooting times. Stack also has the ability to help plants recover from minor Potassium deficiencies.

How To Use Athena Stack

Athena Stack can be used in various ways and at various times. 

Root Drench: Stack can be used as a root drench from the final week of vegetative growth up to around weeks 4-5 of flowering (or until plants have stopped growing vertically). It is recommended to use at a rate of 1-2ml per gallon alongside your other nutrients. Alway ensure you add Stack to your nutrient solution last.

Foliar Spray: Dilute Stack at a rate of 7ml per gallon and spray on your plants once per week when your lights are off. Ensure the leaves have dried before your lights come back on.

Transplanting: Mix Stack at a rate of 2ml per gallon and soak your plants bare roots for around 30-60 seconds in the solution. This type of treatment can greatly help with transplant shock and improve overall plant vigour.

Seed Treatment: Stack can help with germination success rates with seeds. Make up a solution of 4ml per gallon and soak ungerminated seeds for 1-2 minutes before planting out. 

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