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Athena Pro Line - Bloom


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Athena Pro Bloom is a fantastic dry-soluble nutrient packed with essential ingredients to deliver not only the biggest yields but to also increase the aromas and flavours from your plants. The powder easily mixes into water and will not leave any sediment or particulates in your nutrient solution once dissolved.

How It Works

Athena Pro Bloom contains higher amounts of Phosphorus and Potassium which are widely know for being some of the main contributors to supporting increased flower bulk and yield as well as higher metabolic activities within the plant during the flowering stage. Athena Pro Bloom also contributes to balanced macro and micro nutrient levels including Sulphur which is particularly important element that helps to boost potency, flavour and smell.

How To Use Athena Pro Bloom

Athena Pro Bloom must be used alongside Athena Pro Line - Core. There are two methods in which it can be used. We highly recommend you follow the Athena feed chart to get the best results.

Stock Tank Mixing: If using a dosing system then this method should be used. Mix 1.2kg of soluble powder per 10 litres of water and store this in your holding tank in the dosing system. 

Reservoir Mixing: For every gram of Bloom, use 0.6g of Core. Dilute until your desired EC level is reached. We highly recommend to use the Athena feed chart for accurate dosing/EC measurements. 

Always ensure you measure your powder by weight and never by volume to ensure accurate dosing. Never mix powders in their concentrated forms.

Athena Pro Line - Bloom is available in 10lb and 25lb tubs.

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