Athena Pro Line - Fade


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Athena Pro Line - Fade

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Fade is a final stage flush product with a difference. It will help supply your plants with important immobile elements they need to ensure they don't starve during the critical ripening stage. Using Fade during the last 3 weeks of flowering will increase the production of terpenes and essential oils resulting in vastly improved overall quality and the very best yields.

How It Works

Excess nitrogen is known to delay flower maturation in plants and even effect things such as taste and smell, causing a lower overall quality of your finished product. Through extensive research Athena have managed to develop a product which not only negates the effects of excess nitrogen, but actually supplies your crop with the exact elements and ingredients it needs to produce the very best quality results. Fade replaces Athena Pro Line - Core during the final weeks of flowering, meaning the input of nitrogen is tapered off. Fade will introduce certain immobile elements to your nutrient solution (calcium and micro-elements) to ensure your plants don't become under-nourished at this crucial time. After a great deal of testing it is clear that the addition of these elements and ingredients from Fade encouraged better crop maturation, a greatly enhanced overall flower quality and vast increases in terpenes and essential oils. 

How To Use Athena Fade

Fade has been designed to work with the 'Pro-Line' range from Athena. Replace Athena Core with Athena Fade during the last 3 weeks of your flowering cycle. Add Fade at a rate of 10-16ml per gallon of water to your nutrient solution and mix well. Shake well before use.

Athena Pro Line - Fade is available in 32 ounce and 1 gallon bottles.


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