BioBizz Bio Bloom




  • Certified organic flowering feed
  • Food source for beneficial bacteria
  • Natural Source of available nutrients, particularly potassium
  • Natural extraction process
  • Improves organic flavour and yield of crop

BioBizz are producers of some of the finest organic plant food the world has ever seen. Since 1992 they have been researching and developing their products to be the ultimate option for today’s modern indoor organic gardener.  BioBizz have an exceptional reputation, priding themselves on producing natural and organic based products for over 20 years. BioBizz Bio Bloom makes feeding a demanding flowering crop with an organic feed a breeze, giving exceptional quality yields, every time.

BioBizz Bio Bloom is an organic nutrient for use throughout the entire Bloom cycle, it provides the plant with the ideal ratio of nutrients, particularly potassium and phosphorous, throughout the entire flowering cycle. BioBizz Bio Bloom also contains a range of vitamins, amino acids and enzymes to give your plant everything it needs when it starts to pack on weight during the flowering cycle.

Not only does it play the main role in the nutritional requirements of the plant, BioBizz Bio Bloom also provides the root zone with an array of sugars that provide a great food source for any microbiology. Sugars and starches in Bio Bloom are ideal for promoting the growth and development of beneficial bacteria in the soil, particularly for a flowering plant. As is the way with organic gardening, the real story is in the microbes and BioBizz provides them with the ideal food source to flourish with.

BioBizz Bio Bloom is available in 1, 5 and 10 litre sizes


BioBizz Bio Bloom is a formulation of naturally extracted minerals, nutrients, amino acids, vitamins and vegetable plant hormones. The micro and macro nutrients have been formulated at the precise ratio for the demands of a heavy feeding flowering plant. Particularly, the levels of potassium and phosphorous are at an optimum ratio to nitrogen for initiating the growth of large flowers.

The entire extraction process, and then how it is then processed for bottling and storage needs to be strictly monitored and batch controlled, to ensure that you get a consistently homogenous product every time you purchase. Biobizz have been developing their manufacturing process for over 20 years, to ensure you receive only the highest quality of product, every time.


BioBizz Bio Bloom provides most of the main nutrition the plant requires during the flowering period, has a wealth of vitamins to help the plant cope with any environmental stress, contains a wide array of amino acids to help illicit growth and provides the microbial life in the soil with a fantastically nutritious food source. A full spectrum one-part organic flowering feed, BioBizz Bio Bloom makes for a highly powerful and effective organic flowering nutrient.

Bio Bloom provides the plant with all the essential macro and micro nutrients required by a plant during the all-important flowering cycle. The ratios of elements like potassium to calcium or magnesium, or the supply of phosphor, is crucial to achieve the full potential from your crop. Bio Bloom is perfectly balanced to ensure an optimal nutrient uptake and maintains a vigorously growing plant throughout the entire flowering cycle.

It’s not just nutrients it contains though, being an organic product, it has a whole lot more to offer. A range of vitamins, amino acids and plant hormones are in the formulation. While the vitamins provide your plant with an overall vitality boost, the amino acids and hormones in Bio Bloom encourage a high-quality end product, both in terms of yield and quality.

Last, just like Bio Grow, it contains a great array of glucose and sugars that provide the biology in the soil with a fantastic food source, to keep their populations blooming, as well as your flowers.


BioBizz Bio Bloom is a highly effective grow nutrient that can be used throughout the entire vegetative and potentially the first week or two in the flowering period. It can be used as a root drench at a rate of 2-4ml/L. Always make sure that you follow the guidelines on the feed charts of each brand and react to your plants need accordingly.

Once the solution is made, do not add pH up/down to correct the pH. Firstly, peat based mixes are buffered for pH so this is not necessary. Secondly, the acid will instantly begin to break down the organic matter in the solution, something that you want to happen naturally in the root zone after application.


Always shake well before use. BioBizz is a natural and organic product so it will separate slightly during transport.

Store in a cool dry place, out of direct sunlight. UV and extreme temperatures will break down the organic compounds in the bottle, leaving you with a less effective product.

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BioBizz Bio Bloom

BioBizz Bio Bloom