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BioBizz Bio Bloom is a complete base nutrient comprised of a blend of 100% organic ingredients. It is full of macro and micronutrients which ensure your plants stay healthy and produce abundant flowering and fruiting.

It contains optimised levels of Nitrogen, Potassium, enzymes and amino acids to support your plants during the bloom phase.

How It Works

Bio Bloom is full of organic things such as vegetable extracts, algae, enzymes and plant-based hormones that enrich the soil which in turn feeds your plants. It has high levels of phosphorus and potassium which contribute to accelerated blooming and superior fruits. Similar to Bio Grow it contains a vast array of glucose and sugars that provide the microbes in the soil with a dense, nutritious food source to keep their populations blooming. Bio Bloom provides the plant with all the essential macro and micro nutrients required by a plant during the all-important flowering cycle. The ratios of elements like potassium to calcium or magnesium, or the supply of phosphor, is crucial to achieve the full potential from your crop. Bio Bloom is perfectly balanced to ensure an optimal nutrient uptake and maintains a vigorously growing plant throughout the entire flowering cycle.

How To Use BioBizz Bloom

BioBizz recommend using Bio Bloom throughout the flowering stage at a rate of 2-4ml per litre. If following a predominantly BioBizz based nutrient schedule then it is important to use it alongside Bio Grow for the best results, however for other schedules Bio Bloom can be used as a standalone flowering base nutrient.

BioBizz Bio Bloom Flowering Nutrient works well combined with products such as Bio Grow, Fish Mix and TopMax which make up some of the exceptional organic nutrient and additives available from BioBizz.

BioBizz Bio Bloom is available in 1L, 5L and 10L bottles.

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