BioBizz CalMag



BioBizz CalMag provides a rich source of Calcium and Magnesium at an optimised ratio. Your plants will never reach their full potential without these two extremely important secondary nutrients. Ca and Mg are key elements for optimum plant growth and blooming.

CalMag aids in the transport of nutrients between different vital parts of the plants, in turn improving resistance to pests and diseases. BioBizz Calmag will correct any deficiencies of these two key minerals in your water.

How It Works

BioBizz CalMag corrects water deficient in Calcium and Magnesium in a natural way. Ca and Mg deficiencies are common problems; we cannot rely on tap water to have the correct mineral concentrations. Soft water has less abundant minerals than hard water. Calcium is essential for strong cell walls and immunity to infections. Magnesium is essential for optimum photosynthesis. Using this additive, you can help to make sure your plants do not become deficient.

How to use Bio Bizz CalMag

BioBizz CalMag is available in 500ml, 1L and 5L bottles. The BioBizz Feed Chart recommends use during the vegetative phase & flowering stage.

BioBizz feeds are thicker than regular feeds as they are all natural, therefore they are not suitable to systems that use drippers, this is because the fluid is thick and can therefore clog them up. It is best used for hand watering in coco or soil substrate. However, their CalMag is not as thick as their feeds so it is possible to use this in a hydroponic system.

To use BioBizz CalMag for deficiency prevention, add it to your feed at the following doses:

-Hydro/Coco: 0.5-1ml/ per litre of water

-Soil: 0.3ml - 0.8ml per litre of water

-Hydro/Coco: 0.5-1.4ml per litre of water

-Soil: 0.3-1.2ml per litre of water

Add it to your water and stir very well, then add your preferred feeds and boosters, carefully mixing in between each addition. Then adjust your pH as necessary.

BioBizz CalMag flowering booster sits alongside Bio Grow, Fish Mix, Acti Vera to complete the exceptional organic nutrient & additives range from BioBizz.

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