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BioBizz Fish Mix is a fully organic base nutrient and a rich infusion of North Sea fish emulsion. It is a superb replacement for Bio Grow during the veg stage, especially for growers who like to extend this period for a little longer. It will ensure lush green growth as well as stimulating the growth of micro-organisms in your substrate.

How It Works

The organic blend of fish proteins, lipids, amino acids and Dutch sugar beet make for a fantastic nutrient that your plants will love. BioBizz Fish Mix helps to condition and improve your soil or coco substrate. After just a few days poor quality earth is transformed into nutrient-rich soil that is full of minerals and teaming with beneficial fungal growth. This action makes Fish Mix a great choice for people who are growing outdoors and planting directly into the ground, removing the need to add quality soil to the earth. Fish Mix is bursting with macro and micronutrients and has a fairly balanced NPK ratio which leans a little heavier onto nitrogen, making it a brilliant vegetative stage nutrient. For growers who like to have a longer vegetative period we highly recommend switching from Bio Grow to Fish Mix in order to get the very best results.

How To Use BioBizz Fish Mix

BioBizz recommend using Fish Mix primarily during the vegetative stage of growth at a rate of 1ml - 4ml per litre. If you a following a predominately BioBizz based nutrient schedule then you should not use Fish Mix or Bio Grow together at any one time. Fish Mix use can be continued into flowering if you wish to, however for the best results we recommend switching to Bio Grow instead. Fish Mix can be applied as a root drench but also works well as a foliar spray especially for younger plants.

BioBizz Fish Mix Grow Fertiliser works well when combined with products such as Root Juice, Alg-a-Mic and Bio Heaven which make up some of the great products from the BioBizz organic range.

Fish Mix is available in 1L, 5L and 10L bottles.

Questions & Answers

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  • What's the npk ratios for the outdoor bundle

    Hi there,

    Our BioBizz Fish Mix has an NPK ratio of 5-1-4.

    Kind Regards,


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