BioBizz Fish Mix




  • Natural growth booster
  • Food source for beneficial fungi
  • Natural Source of available nutrients, vitamins and amino acids
  • Combination of fish emulsion and sugar beet extract
  • Improves organic flavours of crop
  • Improves soil quality

BioBizz tend to pave the way for organic growing. Having been developing organic fertilisers for over 20 years now, they have an expertise in this area that not many other manufacturers can match. BioBizz Fish Mix is a great example of this. They are one of the only producers who produce and sell a fish based fertiliser currently on the hydroponic market. BioBizz seem to be one of the few who understand the crucial elements that harnessing aquatic life can provide an indoor grow room

BioBizz Fish Mix is a natural nutrient for use throughout the entire Growth and Bloom cycle, it provides the plant with an ideal blend of organically available nutrients to enhance its growth. Its nutrient content is by no means where it ends though. BioBizz Fish Mix also contains naturally occurring vitamins, amino acids and enzymes that are a real driving force towards a high-quality yield.

It doesn’t stop there though! The combination of fish proteins, fats and amino acids combined with the sugars of the beet extract, give the beneficial biology an excellent food source to thrive on. Most importantly the fungal growth though, BioBizz Fish Mix stimulates exceptional fungal growth in your rootzone thanks to the benefits of the fish extracts.  These factors contribute to one the most effective natural ingredients you could provide to your plants.

Fish Mix is available in 1, 5 and 10 litre sizes.


In general, there are two ways to create a fish based extract. Either through an emulsification process or through ‘cold pressing’. Cold pressing does not actually involve any pressing as such, but it does retain more proteins and fats in the result. However, the end product is highly variable between batches, and therefore consistency for the grower is not as guaranteed. BioBizz make use of the emulsification process, but ensure not to use any harmful acids or nasty stabilisers in the process. The high-quality fish extract is then combined at precise ratios with their premium quality sugar beet extract.

The entire extraction process, and then how it is then processed for bottling and storage needs to be strictly monitored and batch controlled, to ensure that you get a consistently homogenous product every time you purchase. This is particularly relevant when you combine ingredients that may potentially react with one another. Biobizz have been developing their manufacturing process for over 20 years, to ensure you receive only the highest quality of product, every time.


BioBizz Fish Mix is an extremely powerful growth stimulant that can be used throughout a plants entire life cycle. It provides a good amount of the main nutrition a plant requires, has a wealth of vitamins to help the plant cope with any environmental stress, contains a wide array of amino acids to help illicit growth and provide the microbial life with a fantastically nutritious food source.

First and foremost, it provides the plant with a wide range of essential macro and micro nutrients required by a plant during the all-important vegetative cycle. Providing the correct balance of main NPK nutrients and a full spectrum of micro nutrients ensures an optimal nutrient uptake and maintains a vigorously growing plant’s needs.

Secondly it contains a range of vitamins and naturally occurring amino acids. The vitamins in BioBizz Fish Mix help a plant to better cope with any stresses it may encounter through either the environment or otherwise, meaning a much stronger and healthier plant. Amino acids play hugely important roles in a plants development, opening pathways for growth or focussing energy to key areas, making sure your plants energy is always used in the most effective areas.

Lastly, it contains highly useful sugars, proteins and fats that provide the ultimate food source and energy for the microbial life to thrive. When you are growing organically, one of the most important things is that you have a healthy ad diverse range of micro life in your pot. Friendly fungi, beneficial bacteria and others microscopic life a really what do all the hard work when it comes to growing organically. Feed this micro-herd correctly and they will in turn keep your plant happy! Biobizz Fish Mix is a fantastic food source for exactly this purpose.


BioBizz Fish Mix is a highly effective grow nutrient that can be used throughout the entire vegetative and potentially the first week or two in the flowering period. It can be used as a root drench at a rate of 1-4ml/L. Always make sure that you follow the guidelines on the feed charts of each brand and react to your plants need accordingly.

Once the solution is made, do not add pH up/down to correct the pH. Firstly, peat based mixes are buffered for pH so this is not necessary. Secondly, the acid will instantly begin to break down the organic matter in the solution, something that you want to happen naturally in the rootzone after application.


Always shake well before use. BioBizz is a natural and organic product so it may separate slightly during transport.

Store in a cool dry place, out of direct sunlight. UV and extreme temperatures will break down the organic compounds in the bottle, leaving you with a less effective product.

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BioBizz Fish Mix

BioBizz Fish Mix