BioBizz Root Juice




  • Natural rooting stimulant
  • Increases amount of roots
  • Increases efficiency of roots
  • Food source for beneficial bacteria

BioBizz Root Juice is an organic rooting stimulant that is formulated to be used throughout a plants entire lifecycle, to maintain and increase the growth and development of a healthy functioning root zone. Ideal to be used in conjunction with your main base nutrients, BioBizz Root Juice will significantly increase the amount and overall performance of your root zone. BioBizz Root Juice helps with the uptake of essentials elements as well as the overall vigour of your plant. BioBizz Root Juice is the ultimate organic flowering stimulant product, healthy roots mean healthy fruits.

BioBizz have been producing high quality organic nutrients for the hydroponics industry for over twenty years now. They began their journey in Holland and now have facilities all over the world dedicated to organic growing. With the amount of research and development gone into every bottle, you can be sure that their products are one of the best options for your indoor hydroponic garden. BioBizz Root Juice is an exceptionally effective root stimulant.

While it is ideal to use in conjunction with the whole BioBizz range, BioBizz Root Juice is compatible with any hydroponic or organic nutrient line you may be using. Always make sure that you refer to the growth schedule, but most importantly, respond to your plants needs as it grows.

BioBizz Root Juice is available in 250ml, 1 and 5 litre sizes.


BioBizz Root Juice is a formulation of two key ingredients that significantly improve the growth, development and overall efficiency of your plant’s root zone. A specific type of premium quality humic acid is used in conjunction with a highly effective seaweed extract to provide the ultimate encourage vigorous and rapid root growth. It promotes the growth of hairy roots throughout the entire rootzone which are themselves responsible for supplying everything that the top section of the plant needs.

The entire extraction, bottling and storage process needs to be strictly monitored and batch controlled, to ensure that you get a consistently homogenous product every time you make a purchase. BioBizz have been developing their manufacturing process for over 20 years, to ensure you receive only the highest quality of product, every time.


BioBizz Root Juice is an organic rooting stimulant that helps your plants growth in a few key areas during its life cycle. The two key ingredients will result in assisting the overall growth and development of the roots themselves, and it will also provide a fantastically rich food source for the beneficial bacteria that surround the roots within the substrate. This ensures that your plant not only has a powerful root zone to support large fruits, but also one supported and protected by an enhanced micro-life.

A healthy root system is vital to a plant’s success, which BioBizz Root Juice directly helps to encourage. A flourishing system of beneficial bacteria is an often-overlooked part of this process. BioBizz Root Juice provides the ideal food source for these bacteria and/or fungi. Bacteria and fungi will form a symbiotic relationship with your plants, helping the plant cope with environmental stresses and up taking nutrients at the fastest rate possible.


BioBizz Root Juice is a highly effective rooting stimulator that is to be used throughout the entire life cycle at varying rates. It is to be used as a root drench at a rate of 2-5ml/L. Always make sure that you follow the guidelines on the feed charts of each brand and react to your plants need accordingly.

Once the solution is made, do not add pH up/down to correct the pH. Firstly, peat based mixes are buffered for pH so this is not necessary. Secondly, the acid will instantly begin to break down the organic matter in the solution, something that you want to happen naturally in the rootzone after application.

It is not advisable to use organic nutrient products in drip irrigation systems, blockages can easily occur from the proliferation of micro life in the drippers themselves which will detrimentally effect your irrigation cycles. For best practice, mix a fresh batch of nutrient solution and apply by hand watering it to your plants on every feed.


Always shake well before use. BioBizz is a natural and organic product so it will separate slightly during transport.

Store in a cool dry place, out of direct sunlight. UV and extreme temperatures will break down the organic compounds in the bottle, leaving you with a less effective product.

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BioBizz Root Juice

BioBizz Root Juice