BioBizz Root Juice


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BioBizz Root Juice is a unique blend of ingredients designed for organic gardening. Combining two natural substances, humic acid and seaweed. Formulated to encourage vigorous root development and enrich the natural biological life that encompasses and supports your root-zone.

How It Works

BioBizz Root Juice feeds the beneficial microbes in the root-zone and subsequently improve the rhizosphere, where you will witness your roots flourishing. Root Juice enhances nutrient uptake and accelerates root growth. In turn, this will strengthen your plants natural immunity to root disease.

Root Juice is an organic rooting stimulant that helps your plants growth in a few key areas during its life cycle. The two key ingredients will result in assisting the overall growth and development of the roots themselves, and it will also provide a fantastically rich food source for the beneficial bacteria that surround the roots within the substrate.

How to use BioBizz Root juice

BioBizz Root Juice is available in 250ml, 1L & 5L bottles. The BioBizz Feed Chart recommends use during the entire vegetative and flowering, right up until harvest.

Root Juice is for use in soil grown plants, at all stages. Dilute Root Juice at a dose of 2-5ml/L of water and ensure you mix well. You can use this with every watering during your plant’s entire life cycle. If you wish to pre-soak propagation cubes, use at a rate of 4ml/L. 

BioBizz Root Juice rooting stimulator works well combined with Bio Bloom, Top Max, Acti Vera to complete the exceptional organic nutrient & additives range from BioBizz.


Reviews & Questions

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