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BioBizz TopMax is a high performing flowering booster and stimulator. It works in a number of ways to maximise your crop. It will increase the size and weight of your flowers and fruits. Nutrient uptake is greatly improved and your finished crop will taste smoother and sweeter

How It Works

TopMax is made up primarily of humic and fulvic acids and it is these ingredients which make it incredibly effective. The humic acids are derived from an ancient substance found in soil called Leonardite which was formed from prehistoric trees and vegetation 300 million years ago! Fulvic acids are taken from rich sources of humate deposits located deep within the earth. They have a natural electrical charge that attracts nutrients and minerals present in the microbiological soil base as well as those applied from organic fertilisers, such as BioBizz! Humic and fulvic acids work together to boost energy in old plant cells, stimulating it to create new ones. Your plants cell walls will divide quicker during flowering, increasing the number of flowers and fruits. TopMax also assists with freeing up minerals located in the soil such as magnesium, calcium and iron, these help to kick start the plants metabolism and rate of photosynthesis. This not only helps to improve your nutrient uptake for bigger growth and yields but also helps to increase it's natural oils and the transportation of sugars around the plant to vastly improves it's flavour and aroma

How To Use BioBizz TopMax

BioBizz recommend using TopMax throughout the entire flowering stage of growth at a rate of 1-4ml per litre.

BioBizz TopMax Bloom Stimulant works well when combined with other organic nutrients and additives from the BioBizz range such as Bio Grow, Bio Bloom and Bio Heaven.

BioBizz TopMax is available in 1L, 5L and 10L bottles.

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