Bluelab EC Pen


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The Bluelab EC Pen measures the electrical conductivity of your nutrient solution, then displays the measurement on an LCD screen. This allows the user to fine-tune the strength of their nutrient solution, for optimal plant-growth. The Bluelab EC Pen should be calibrated before use and we also recommend that the unit is recalibrated every ten readings or so, to ensure its accuracy. The Bluelab EC Pen is shock resistant and water resistant, but not fully water-proof so it should never be submerged. The unit will automatically switch itself off to preserve battery life if it is not used for several minutes.

Features :

  • Measures conductivity and temperature

  • Select between °C / °F / EC / CF / ppm

  • Backlit LCD display

  • Calibration optional

  • Successful calibration indicator

  • Hold function

  • Low battery warning

  • Auto off function

  • Automatic temperature compensation

Hints and Tips :

  • Temperature affects the growth rate and structure of a plant, so a solution temperature of eighteen to twenty one degrees celsius is recommended.

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