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Bluelab Nutrient Truncheon


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The Bluelab Truncheon has continued to prove itself as the best nutrient meter on the market. This ultra tough device is built to last a lifetime. It can measure your conductivity in a range of easy-to-read formats. It's 'long' design is perfect for stirring nutrient tanks with, plus its fully waterproof incase it ends up in one! 

How It Works

The measurement of your nutrient solution is key if you want to get the best results. When you add nutrients to your water you increase the conductivity; the potential for electricity to move through the solution. By measuring this we can therefore get a clearer picture of concentration of the solution and tailor this to the plants requirements or accurately follow a nutrient schedules recommendations. 

The Bluelab Truncheon measures the electrical conductivity of your nutrient solution through electrodes on the bottom end. The electrode reads the water, compensates for the water temperature (very important for an accurate reading), then the measurement is displayed in a simple, easy to read format via the row of LED’s along the shaft. The Truncheon displays readings in every form of measurement; EC, CF, PPM and TDS.

The Truncheon is very robust and can withstand heavy use. It features an unbeatable 5 year warranty and requires no calibration, it will continually provide accurate readings time after time.

Bluelab are renowned for producing the most accurate and reliable measuring devices. 

How To Use The Bluelab Nutrient Truncheon

Possibly the simplest nutrient meter to use. No buttons just immerse the probe in your nutrient solution, the meter will automatically turn on and display a reading along the shaft. Remove the meter from the water and it will turn off. It really is that easy!

The Bluelab Truncheon cannot be calibrated and should not require any maintenance work done to it outside of simply keeping the probe clean. Always rinse the probe between use. For extra cleaning the probe can be unscrewed and a soft cloth uses to gently clean and remove any residue build on it. For peace of mind we always suggest to check the accuracy of your meter periodically by dipping it in EC Calibration Fluid. As long as it read what the fluid should be all is well, if it is not quite right perform a battery change and clean the electrode and test again. If it is still not right and the meter is within warranty get in touch with us and we can book the meter in for a return to Bluelab for checking. 

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