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Bluelab have consistently delivered quality products to growers across the globe. Their products are world renowned for being extremely well built, reliable and accurate. The Bluelab pH pen is used by growers all over the world to measure the acidity/alkalinity of their nutrient solution. With temperature compensation, it delivers accurate readings every time, whilst simultaneously displaying the temperature of your nutrient solution on the LCD display.

How it works

Contained within the Bluelab pH Pen is a unique probe. This probe measures both the temperature and the pH of a liquid. You simply dip the end of the meter into the nutrient solution and switch it on. The display will then settle after a short time and the LCD screen will show the pH and temperature of the liquid. After a reading has been taken the display will lock until you press another button. This gives you the chance to remove the pH meter and read the display. Please remember, if the temperature of the solution is too high or low the accuracy of the pH reader can be negatively affected. The pH reader contains an onboard computer that uses temperature information to ensure precise accuracy of the pH reading. It does this by automatically compensating for any differences. It is paramount to achieve reading that show proper representations of what is happening inside your nutrient solution; the Bluelab pH pen gives you complete peace of mind when it comes to this task.

Please note: The Bluelab pH pen is only water-resistant, not completely waterproof. So it is unadvisable to submerge this pen for any length of time. This device is very easy-to-use and matches the manufacturing quality and strength of all Bluelab made products.

How to use the Bluelab pH Pen

Before the initial use, the Bluelab pH pen should be soaked in KCL (potassium Chloride) solution for 24 hours before you proceed with calibration. You should also remember to re-calibrate the pen once a week, if you are using it every day. We recommend calibration fluids such as pH Buffer 4 and pH Buffer 7, which are available for this very purpose.

To calibrate your Bluelab pH pen, you should remove the end cap and wet the probe with clean water. Remove the excess water by shaking gently and dip the probe into the calibration fluid. Then hold the calibration button, this will initiate the automatic calibration process. Once this process is complete, the pen is ready to use. To change the settings to your desired increment e.g. Celsius or Fahrenheit, press the ‘units’ button; this is located under the ‘calibration’ button. Press and hold the ‘units’ button and the units on screen will begin to flash. You can then click the button to switch between the two settings.

We highly recommend that you rinse the probe with clean water before every use and shake off the excess water gently. Press ‘power’ and dip the probe into your nutrient solution.  The meter will then beep after a few seconds of submersion. This indicates that the reading has been taken. Remove the pen and read the display. You can the correct the pH of your nutrient solution with your chosen pH up or down adjustment fluid. Then retest your solution. To turn off the pen, simply hold the on/off button for 3 seconds. Be careful when handling pH adjustment fluids, they are very caustic and require caution when handling

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Very good

Extremely helpful I was wondering if you could send some biobizz heaven just a small size one of which I can do a review on and encourage sales

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top quality products service delivery would highly recommend

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