BudBox Pro Titan 6 Tent (600cm x 300cm x 220cm)


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The Budbox Pro Titan 6 Grow Tent is a great tent for 72-108 plants. Perfect for a multi light setup such as a 12 x 600w Adjust-a-Wing Magnetic Kits or a 8 x Lumatek Zeus Pro 600w LED Grow Lights and combined with a high yielding hydroponic system such as 3 x MD803 or 2 x 36 Pot DWC will ensure fantastic results even from a smaller grow tent space.

Why choose a BudBox Grow Tent

BudBox are without doubt the most trusted name when it comes to indoor grow tents. They have been operating for over 15 years and their presence on the market has been domineering and sustainable right from the very start. From design to manufacture, these tents have been tried and tested by all growers of varying expertise.

The frames are manufactured with tempered, high tensile steel with black powder coated poles, that push and click fit in the corners with robust pole connectors. There is simply no stronger grow tent on the market that can deal with any hydroponic equipment you use.

Budbox Grow Tent Features

The top quality 1mm thick tent fabric has been stitched with great precision to ensure all your precious light is contained at all times. The thick, durable, lightweight shell is very easy to fit and with military grade, top quality zips, these tents offer unrivalled quality when it comes to locking in smell, sound and light. They are available with silver and white lining options.

Intake and extraction ports are large enough for acoustic ducting and have heavy duty drawstrings attached. Equipped with large venting panels for increased passive air flow and a ground level irrigation port, you will find no better tents on the market.

Every tent in the Pro range has its own viewing window. These are 14” x 10” innovative addition that allows you to check on your plants, without causing any disturbance within the environment. The viewing window has a handy green transparent filter as the light in the green area of the spectrum has no effect on plant’s light cycles. Therefore, you can check on your plants day or night without having any negative effect.

How to Setup a Bud Box Grow Tent

To setup your tent, simply follow the supplies instructions. Construct the framework first, then unfold and unzip the fabric outer. Fit the bottom area of the fabric outer to the bottom of the tent frame first. Then once it is secured, you can pull the rest of the tent over the frame.

Setup Recommendations

Number of plants: 72-108

Recommended Intake Fan:

2x Systemair RVK Sileo - 200E2-L (1008m3/h)

1x Systemair Revolution Silenced Stratos AC – 200mm (946m3/h)

Recommended Extraction Kit:

2x Systemair RVK & CarboAir Extraction Kit – 315mm (1375m3/h)

1x Revolution Stratos Silenced AC & Carboair Kit – 250mm (2038m3/h)

1x Revolution Vector EC & Carboair Kit – 250mm (2007m3/h)

1x Revolution Vector Silenced EC & CarboAir Kit – 250mm (2007m3/h)

Number of Lights: 8-12

Recommended Lighting:

12 x 600w Euro Magnetic Kits

8 x 600w Adjust-a-Wing Digital Kits

8 x 630w Lumatek Tekken CDM Kits

12 x Lumatek Zeus Compact Pro 465w LED Grow Lights

8 x Lumatek Zeus Pro 600w LED Grow Lights

Recommended Systems:

72 Pots Hand Watered

60-100 Autopots

3x MD803

2x 36 Pot DWC

Reviews & Questions

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