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Buddhas Tree Advanced Meta-Boost


Feed Chart

Advanced Meta-Boost stimulates and fuels a metabolic increase in the plant, this gives them a massive increase in energy to help fuel fast growth and better yields. This allows the plant to focus it's own saved energy into other areas of growth such as the production of oils, terpenes and sugars leading to a vastly improved overall quality. Nutrient uptake is also improved, combine this product with a PK additive and you will see some truly outstanding results in flowering!

How It Works

Plants grow and develop by splitting and reproducing their cells. Under optimum growing conditions they synthesise their own amino acids and hormones through many chemical reactions within them. All of this uses a significant amount of energy. Under stressful conditions, these processes can dramatically decrease or even stop. Any over-use of energy has a direct impact on the reduction of yield, vigour and quality. Fortunately Buddhas Tree Meta-Boost has the answer! This product is a plant bio stimulant, derived from seaweed. Seaweed naturally contains various plant growth stimulators including the hormones auxins and cytokinins as well as amino acids. Auxins are a type of plant hormone that has a primary role in many growth processes throughout it's life cycle. Cytokinins promote cell division in roots and shoots, this significantly speeds up the rate of growth in these areas. Amino acids are required throughout all stages of plant growth and are vital during the production of vitamins, chlorophyll, enzymes and proteins. They also act a chelating molecules of the essentials nutrients required for the development of the plant. By adding these important substances to your nutrient solution for your plant to access, on top of providing a direct source of energy you can rest-assured you will see huge improvements to growth rate and your final yields. Your plant no longer has to use precious energy in these important processes and instead it's stored reserves will be used in production of essential oils and terpenes. Expect to see faster growth, better quality and strong, heavy yielding plants.

How To Use Buddhas Tree Advanced Meta-Boost

Meta-Boost is suitable for all types of growing medium and hydroponic/watering systems. The Buddhas Tree feed chart recommends a dose of 0.5-2ml per litre. Meta-Boost should be used throughout the vegetative phase and the second half of flowering. For the very best results ensure you combine it with a quality PK booster such a Buddhas Tree PK 9/18 during flowering.

Buddhas Tree Meta-Boost delivers superb results alongside other nutrients and additives and works particularly well with the other products in the Buddhas Tree range, these include Flower Burst and Solar Green Power.

Buddhas Tree Advanced Meta-Boost is available in 500ml, 1L and 5L bottles.


Questions & Answers

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  • Hi, once iv opened the advanced meta boost, how long do I have before it’s no good ?

    Hi there,

    It is advised that it is used within one year from opening.

    Kind Regards,

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