Buddhas Tree Coco A-B




  • Uniquely formulated for use with coco coir substrates
  • Ideal to use with entire Buddhas Tree range
  • Compatible with any hydroponic system
  • Fully chelated for maximum nutrient availability
  • Easy to use
  • Tried and tested brand

Buddha’s Tree hydroponic additives are a range of powerful nutrient additives & boosters which give growers the edge over their competition. Buddhas Tree has now formulated a unique base nutrient line, specifically for growers using coco coir as a substrate.

The Coco A-B fertiliser is perfect for growing with coco-coir in any modern drip system. Its clean formulation stops any residues or blockages forming in the hydroponic irrigation system. It offers flexibility to the grower while maintaining an effective combination of essential plant nutrients. Coco A-B sets the standard high for hydroponic base nutrients.


Coco A-B is a complete hydroponic fertiliser used with cococoir, providing all the essential macro & micronutrients for your plants’ entire growth cycle. The level of calcium needed for a correct cation exchange rate has been suitably refined in these bottles, reducing the chance of nutrient lockout to minimal.

One complete A & B – By making use of the fundamental nature of coco coir, Buddhas Tree Coco A-B does not need separate ‘Grow’ & ‘Bloom’ nutrients. The fibres in the coco naturally want to take the calcium out of the nutrient solution & replace it with potassium. Due to its concentrated nature, the nutrient must be split into 2 bottles, with the calcium present in the ‘A’ & the phosphorous is in the ‘B’. This allows a high concentration of nutrients while avoiding any of the associated problems with forming substances like Gypsum.

Fully chelated – A chelate is protection for certain nutrients - a layer around an element keeping it safe until the plant needs it. E.g. Iron is a micronutrient that plants continually use & constantly need for healthy growth. Unfortunately, Iron rusts when you put it in water, annoying when you want your plant to use it! The chelate surrounds the iron molecule, protecting it from the surrounding environment, so it does not rust & become useless. Chelates come in many shapes & forms, Buddhas Tree use only cutting-edge inputs to ensure maximum availability of nutrients, over a wide range of pH levels.


Cation Exchange – As the strength of the nutrient solution is increased through the growth cycle & up to its max during the flowering cycle, the rate of potassium release increases in the substrate as the overall EC rises. This means that simply by watering with the correct strength of nutrients, you automatically create the ideal flowering feed.

Nutrient Ratios Management– The base nutrient salts used have been carefully selected & formulated so that no nutrient will compete with another within the solution. Availability of one nutrient is directly related to the amount of another present in the solution. Buddhas Tree perfectly compensates for this, ensuring that both macronutrients (such as Nitrogen & Phosphorous) are available, as well as crucial micronutrients (like Iron & Magnesium).

pH Balanced – Buddhas Tree Coco A-B is suitable for a full pH range & all the elements require minimal energy from the plant to release.


This hydroponic nutrient from Buddhas Tree is easy to use at any stage of growth.

Variations in environmental conditions will impact on how much nutrient your plant uses, so refer to the feeding schedule provided by Buddhas Tree & track how your plants respond.

After they have been potted, use Buddhas Tree Coco A-B at around the half-strength rate of around 2ml per litre of water. As the plants grow, increase slowly (to avoid any unwanted nutrient-shock to the roots) up to the max rate of 4ml per litre when the plant is growing at its most vigorous & develops larger fruits & flowers.

Depending on the additives that you choose to use alongside the A&B, you may need to compensate the dose. Further details of this can be found here on the feed schedule for Buddhas Tree Coco A-B.

Make use of an EC meter & accurately regulate what your plant needs. Measuring the strength of the reservoir, compared to the strength of the run-off will give a good indication of how your plant is feeding. Jumps or falls in EC strength between the two will indicate whether you need to increase or reduce the strength of each feed.

Always pH-check the nutrient solution after adding all your nutrients & additives. While Buddhas Tree is well chelated, it is best to keep your pH within the range of 5.5 to 6.2 when using Coco as a media. During the vegetative stage keeping to the lower end of the scale, & slowly move to the higher end of the scale when transitioning into flowering cycle.


Add equal parts of the A & B nutrient, separately, to your water. Never combine the nutrients in their concentrated form.

Shake the bottle before use.

Store in a cool dry place.

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